Blake Shelton’s Alleged Mistress Cady Groves Speaks Up After Miranda Lambert Divorce

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Blake Shelton’s Alleged Mistress Cady Groves Speaks Up After Miranda Lambert Divorce
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What really happened between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert?

Is it really because of a third party? Shelton’s mistress Cady Groves breaks her silence to tell all the details after the country singer and Lambert’s divorce.

Shelton, and Lambert is one of the most beloved couples in the music industry. Everything between them look so fine, so natural—they look so perfect for each other. But, the quite marriage life of the two were shaken by different split issues, though no one speaks up before about it. Just weeks ago, the country music’s most beloved couple cleared everything and announced their divorce.

Fans were shocked by their announcement because no one had noticed that the two had been facing problems throughout their marriage life. No one knew the reason behind their divorce, but now, Shelton’s alleged mistress Cady Groves is speaking out about what really happened between the two country singers—what really went on between her, Shelton, and Lambert.

According to InTouch magazine, Groves said that the now ex-couple’s marriage was over a long time ago, that if people only knew what really happened, the world would explode.

Based on the report of Radar Online, the alleged affair of the 26-year-old Groves and the 39-year-old Shelton began way back August 2011—just three months after his marriage with Lambert. According to reports, Groves invited him to have a cameo in her music video following a string of back and forth messages on Twitter. She even told one of her friends that she had sex with Shelton and they did it at least a year, but in the end, he broke her heart.

Though Groves do not deny having an affair with Shelton, she finds it so unfair that almost everyone put the blame on her—pointing at her as the cause of the couple’s divorce.

“This is too much, I’m going to have a nervous breakdown…Blake and Miranda are letting me take all the bullets. It’s wrong.”

On the other hand, fans of Cady Groves expressed their support to her—encouraging her to not mind the drama and get on with life with positive views. In return, Groves gave her fans a loving message.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Cady Groves

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