‘Bleach’ Chapter 639 Predictions: Mayuri Possesses Hollow Powers, Soul King to Emerge As Shinigami-Quincy Hybrid?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Bleach’ Chapter 639 Predictions: Mayuri Possesses Hollow Powers, Soul King to Emerge As Shinigami-Quincy Hybrid?
“Bleach” Chapter 640 official spoiler hinted Uryu firing an arraw against Mayuri.

Fans are now speculating as to what other tricks the Gotei 13 Squad 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi could have up his sleeves. Is he going to transform into a hollow to defeat Pernida? Read on for more details about some possible things that could happen in “Bleach” Chapter 639.

Mayuri seemed ready to fight enemies that were beyond his league, but some fans over Manga Helpers speculated that more tricks are yet to come.

Forum member ‘amitnaruto’ said that it would not surprise him at all if Mayuri can use a Voltsang or a full Quincy technique since the captain was able to use Hirenkyaku. But more than that ‘amitnaruto’ speculated Mayuri might transform into a Hollow.

He also noted that Mayuri previously experimented with Hollows. So if he could use a Quincy technique, Mayuri can also use Hollow powers.

Member ‘kkck’ also agreed with ‘amitnaruto,’ guessing that in “Bleach” Chapter 639, Mayuri might use Quincy-specific techniques to defeat Pernida since it was fundamentally using Quincy powers throughout the fight.

“Bleach” Chapter 639 Predictions: Soul King: A Shinigami-Quincy Hybrid?

Speaking about Pernida, ‘the forum member noted that the Soul King system could possibly have each of its arm assigned to a particular place for a specific function.

Using as an example, the forum member pointed out that the Soul King’s right black arm went to watch over Shinigami, which had powers similar to a Shinigami. On other hand, the white arm was sent to look over the Quincy, which possessed powers also similar to a Quincy.

Therefore, ‘kkck’ concluded that the Soul King had both Shinigami and Quincy powers, implying that the Soul King was a hybrid creature. He also went on to say that it was highly probable that the Soul King had Shinigami and Quincy attributes.

But another question was raised: What about the Soul King’s legs? ‘kkck’ explored that perhaps the Soul King’s legs had Human and Hollow traits.

It seemed the Soul King is a very mysterious being. And so are Mayuri’s tricks also.

In “Bleach” Chapter 638, it ended with Mayuri surprising Pernida a lot. He arranged the configuration of his nerves, blood vessels, muscles, used Hirenkyaku perfectly, and even managed to cut Pernida’s huge pinky.

What else Mayuri could possibly show? Hopefully, fans could see it when “Bleach” Chapter 639 releases.

Readers should take speculations with a grain of salt.

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