“Bleach” Chapter 639 Spoiler: Mayuri’s Next Move (That Creepy-Looking Bankai)

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
“Bleach” Chapter 639 Spoiler: Mayuri’s Next Move (That Creepy-Looking Bankai)

The incoming chapter for “Bleach” 639 focuses about Mayuri’s next move against Pernida. The Captain of Squad 12th Division of the Gotei 13 and overseer of the Soul Reaper and Pernida as the main enemy is given much emphasis by Kubo Tite in “Bleach” 639. Read on for more details.

Bleach Control gives an overview of of chapter 639 of the manga series.

Mayuri is gifted with a scientific intellect and this ability has been used by the Soul Reaper to aid him in his countless battles. Mayuri is able to counter most of the attacks presented to him by utilizing abilities which he has shown in the past. From the extendable arm, the Hirenkyaku boots, substituting his real organs with pseudo-ones et al.

User Zangetsu01 of Bleach Asylum forum initiated a stream of comments from an artwork of “Bleach” 639 that he captioned with:

“Well, Look like Mayuri has done some work on his Bankaï(sic) From Baidu”.

Other forum users from the site immediately followed suit. One commented about the drawing posted.

“Wow, Zangetsu, thanks for the fascinating spoiler! Looks like Kubo is continuing to produce bizarre and fascinating artwork,” – Sariniste

Another one became cautious as to how Pernida will defend himself from Mayuri’s updated Bankai:

“I wonder how Pernida is going to try to defend itself from Mayuri’s giant baby bankai thing,” – Wonderland

This comes to no surprise as one user also mentioned that “he likes Mayuri because the guy is a beast”.

Pernida in the previous chapter of “Bleach” revealed his true form to Mayuri which was being the Left Arm of the Soul King.

It looks as if this chapter of “Bleach” with the creepy-looking bankai  will keep fans up to their heels.

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