‘Bleach’ Chapter 639 Spoiler Predictions: Mayuri To Intoxicate Pernida’s Nerves Through Improved Bankai or Poison?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Bleach’ Chapter 639 Spoiler Predictions: Mayuri To Intoxicate Pernida’s Nerves Through Improved Bankai or Poison?
“Bleach” Chapter 640 official spoiler hinted Uryu firing an arraw against Mayuri.

“Bleach” Chapter 639 spoiler predictions recently pointed Captain of the 12th Division Mayuri Kurotsuchi to use poison in defeating Left Arm of the Soul King Pernida Parnkgjas. Will the captain’s Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo Bankai be modified? Read on for more details.

Newest “Bleach” Chapter 639 spoiler predictions from various forums were noting that Mayuri Kurotsuchi might be provoking Pernida to poison its body.

‘darkeningcloud’ speculated, via Bleach Asylum, that Mayuri might be planning to let Pernida attack him that closely in order to infect its body and blood with poison. It was also said that it’s quite possible the scientist might also be using some damaging material and destroy Pernida’s nerves.

‘eefrit’ said the arc “Bleach” recently usually reveals a character’s changed Bankai. In this case, Mayuri might be the next persona to have a modified Bankai.

However, ‘knightmare of heaven 0’ thought a Mayuri might have a poison upgrade and not a Bankai upgrade. And in order to defeat Perninda, he would probably use a special drug tucked inside his clothes or anywhere.

Furthermore, he also believed Mayuri might not kill Pernida since Mayuri wanted to experiment it.

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Another “Bleach” Chapter 639 spoiler predictions by ‘1up2down’ at Manga Helpers stated changing Mayuri’s Bankai would not be beneficial to him. Although the captain could change the Bankai’s poison, ‘1up2down’ thought Mayuri does not have the ability to truly modify the Bankai’s shape or restore its blade.

‘NoOneInParticular’ also agreed with ‘1up2down’ saying Mayuri could only change the poison’s characteristics and no more. He also noted the Bankai as something completely different and bound only to the user’s spirit, in this case, with Mayuri’s spirit.

Though a toxin invading Pernida could be possible, ‘NoOneInParticular’ mused if it would have an effect since Pernida is only a giant arm, not having any lungs to inhale the toxin.

But if Mayuri would have a hard time defeating Pernida, ‘Gassan09’ felt Wandenreich Gerard Valkyrie might make an appearance in the middle of the battle or at least at the last part. He also expected the paralyzed Captain of the 11th Division Kenpachi Zaraki to finally recover and fight.

So far, there are some of the “One Piece” Chapter 639 spoiler predictions. Fans should take these with a grain of salt.

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