‘Blindspot’ Midseason Finale Recap and Post-Mortem: ‘Evil Handmade Instrument’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Blindspot’ Midseason Finale Recap and Post-Mortem: ‘Evil Handmade Instrument’
Photo from the episode “Evil Handmade Instrument”. NBC Official Website/Blindspot

“Blindspot” Season 1 Episode 10 “Evil Handmade Instrument” aired last Monday, November 23, 2015 at 10:00 PM on NBC. In the midseason finale, the team discovered that the woman who killed David (Joe Dinocol) was part of a Russian sleeper cell, which forces the team to work against time in order to protect the sleeper cell’s targets. At the end of the episode, several game changing decisions and several life altering revelations were made. Also, show creator Martin Gero recently gave an interview regarding what to expect when “Blindspot” returns. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers regarding the remaining half of the first season of the show. Read on to learn more about “Blindspot.”

The episode began with FBI Forensic Science Unit Head Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander)  not really taking the death of David (Joe Dinocol) very well.

Patterson regretted the fact that she had broken up with him, and Jane began to feel frustrated and felt responsible for David’s death.


The team then launched a full investigation into the circumstances of David’s death, and into why the library books were important.

They then found a partial print that belonged to an architect, Roger Levkin (Christopher J. Domig), who, after storming his house, discovered that he was about to kill his own wife, and opted to commit suicide instead via a poisoned capsule hidden in his teeth.

Thankfully, a picture on their mantelpiece revealed the identity of the mysterious red headed woman, Kate Williams (Heidi Germaine Schnappauf).

With the help of Counter Espionage Agent Kara Sloane (Afton Williamson), they were able to figure out that they were looking at a Russian sleeper ring composed of three people, who used the library books to communicate with each other.

They were able to confirm this  and the fact that they had been instructed to marry prominent Americans, with access to their targets, after bringing in another agent, Olivia Delidio (Amy Hargreaves), the wife of a New York Times editor.

Roger was instructed to kill his wife and Olivia was instructed to kill a Russian journalist as they were both vocal against Russian policies. However, FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his team discovered that they were too late to save Olivia’s target, which meant that they had to find Kate’s target fast.

Patterson then figured out that the prices on display at a flower shop in Little Odessa was another means to communicate the names of the targets, and managed to discover, thanks to one of the computers in the shop before it was torched, that Kate was headed to the Defence Contractors Expo happening that day at the Intrepid in order to kill a senator who backed a bill which gave aid to the Ukraine.

Weller and Jane managed to get to her before she could kill the senator, but Kate ended up dying after fighting with the pair. Later that night, FBI Agent Tasha Zapata (Aubrey Esparza) decided to resign from the FBI as she didn’t want to betray her friends any longer, and Jane decided to sneak out to Weller’s apartment in order to give him a kiss.

On the way back, however, she was captured and waterboarded by CIA Deputy Director Carter (Michael Gaston), who was then killed by the man from her dream.


However, before that, Carter began to wonder how much Jane knew about his operations as she remembered and spoke the name of a covert operation only known to few- Orion.

The man, Oscar (Francois Arnaud) then showed her a video of her in the past, telling herself  in the present day that their mission was going as planned and that she was the one who had orchestrated everything from the very beginning.

The final few minutes were indeed a lot to take in- with Tasha resigning, the Jane and Weller kiss, Carter dying and learning that the entire thing had been Jane’s idea from the very beginning.

In line with this, Entertainment Weekly managed to sit down with show creator Martin Gero in order to decode and decrypt what just happened, and to learn what fans and viewers should expect when “Blindspot” returns next year.

First off Gero informed Entertainment Weekly that the series will pick up from where it started, and teased that Jane’s identity- whether she is Taylor Shaw or not, will be dealt with heavily when the show comes back.

From here on in, it was hinted that Jane’s emotions will be very much conflicted, especially as her only connection to the past, Oscar, showed up just as she was getting comfortable with the rest of the team, whom she now regards as family.

Carter’s death, of course, will have big repercussions, especially for FBI Assistant Director Bethany Mayfair (Jeanne Marianne-Baptiste) and Tasha, but this might not be the last time we will be seeing Carter, as Jane’s flashbacks to her time in the military when she heard Carter talk about Orion, will be quite important in the next half of the season.

Aside from this, Gero teased that viewers and fans will also get to know more about FBI Agent Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) in the next half, especially as he was seen coming out of the elevator, finishing up a rather personal phone call from someone who might just be his girlfriend.

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Photo Source:NBC Official Website/Blindspot

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