‘Blindspot’ Recap: ‘Persecute Envoys’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Blindspot’ Recap: ‘Persecute Envoys’
BLINDSPOT — “Persecute Envoys” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Reed, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

“Blindspot” Season 1 Episode 8 “Persecute Envoys” aired last Monday, November 9,  2015 at 10:00 PM on NBC. In this episode, the team investigated a rash of cop killings which reminded Assistant FBI Director Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) of Operation Daylight and the consequences that came with it. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), who now knew the truth about Mayfair became distrustful of her, while FBI Agent Tasha Zapata (Aubrey Esparza) slowly became friends with Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander). Read on to learn more about these episodes.

The episode began with Assistant FBI Director Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) telling FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapeton) about Operation Daylight.


It had started five years ago, and ended abruptly after former NSA employee Douglas Winters blew the whistle on the fact that the NSA had gathered intelligence by spying on Americans, which were used by the FBI, CIA and the White House, on orders from the White House itself.

Those who were involved in it were the current Deputy Director of the CIA, Tom Carter (Michael Gaston), and Mayfair’s former lover, Sophia Varma (Sarita Choudhury), who had been the White House Political Deputy Director.

She then told Weller that whenever she found actionable intelligence, on paper, it stated that Saul Guerrero (Lou Diamond Phillips) had tipped her off on it.  Because of this, Weller began to distrust his mentor.

Meanwhile, Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) began to get closer to FBI Agent Tasha Zapata (Aubrey Esparza), as they had been regularly sparring with each other. They were then alerted the case at hand- two cops had been shot dead, with the message “Butcher the Butchers” spray painted on a car.

It turned out that they belonged to precinct 65, and the house had been called the “Brooklyn Butchers” ever since an unarmed African-American teenager had been shot dead. This related to them as a butcher’s knife and the number 65 had been tattooed on Jane.


After taking over the investigation, they discovered that Officer Schultz, one of the officers who had been killed, had previously been assaulted by pro football player Ricky Holt (Roy Jackson), thanks to the body cameras that the cops in the precinct had been wearing.

After bringing him in, they discovered that someone had been blackmailing him with pictures taken by a phone camera who snapped stills of the body camera footage, as he had gotten caught sleeping with his boyfriend, and didn’t want to be outed. This made them realize that the crosshairs on Jane’s tattoo symbolized the lens of a camera, which meant that they weren’t looking at revenge killings, but at another cop corruption case.

They were then informed that Schultz’s partner, Officer Dunn (Blaire Brooks) had just been shot, and the same message had been spray painted beside her on the street.

This made things worse, as it turned out that Holt wasn’t their killer, since whoever had been orchestrating the blackmails knew how to cover their tracks well, as the account that the blackmail money was going to actually belonged to a dead man.

Thanks to that, they were able to discover that two officers usually answered domestic violence calls in the building where the dead man lived- Sergeant Johnson (Mark Doherty)  and Officer Costello (Judy Marte).

Worried that Schultz had told his widow his suspicions regarding the two corrupt cops, Costello and Johnson paid her a visit, which was then interrupted by Weller and his team, who managed to kill Johnson, while Jane wounded Costello.

Afterwards, Mayfair informed their captain, Captain Rossi (James Colby) of what happened. However, on the way to the hospital to visit Costello, Mayfair realized that Rossi had been in on it, as he had accidentally slipped up and mentioned Holt’s sexuality, which Mayfair never told him. She then crashed the car in order to stop him from shooting her.

At the hospital, Weller confronted Mayfair and told her that he couldn’t really trust her anymore, but couldn’t turn her in, since every criminal she had put away using the intelligence from Operation Daylight would be turned lose if he did so.

Later that night, Weller bonded with his father (Jay O. Sanders), while Mayfair remembered that after their program was blown right open, Sophia asked her to move with her to Hong Kong, which she refused. Afterwards, Sophia killed herself after discovering that she had caused someone with a family to die.

Meanwhile, Jane, FBI Forensic Head Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Zapata went out drinking with each other. However, that brief moment of happiness for Zapata was ruined after Carter confronted her, and reminded her that she was his, especially as she had already accepted his money.

What do you think will happen next to Zapata? What other secrets will they uncover? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Source: NBC Official Website/Photo by Peter Kramer/Blindspot

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