Blindspot Season 2 Spoilers: Things Fans Know so Far after Luke Mitchell’s Twitter Q&A

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Blindspot Season 2 Spoilers: Things Fans Know so Far after Luke Mitchell’s Twitter Q&A

Thanks to Luke Mitchell’s recent question and answer forum with his Twitter fans. Some spoilers for Blindspot Season 2 were given. Find out some of Mitchell’s most interesting answers to his fans on Twitter!

Mitchell is known to play Roman in Blindspot. The show revealed Roman as the long-lost sibling of Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander). Roman is also a member of Sandstorm, a group of terrorists. Lately, he proved to Jane his utmost loyalty. However, he probably still hides a big secret from his own sister.

Luke Mitchell’s Twitter Q&A

The actor continued the hype on Twitter by answering some interesting questions. One fan asked him about his favorite part being an actor in Blindspot, IB Times reported. Mitchell answered that he adored the filming locations. He also loved working with the cast. He thought his co-actors are all “awesome.”

Mitchell gave a surprising answer to the question on playing a different character in BlindspotIronically, he preferred a female role. He admired Ashley Johnson’s character Patterson because of the “cool and nerdy stuff.”

Despite a fan considering Roman as a villain in a question, Mitchell shared his thoughts about his character not being one of the bad guys. He believed Roman is just doing what he thinks is right, especially for his sister.

Mitchell expressed his love for Roman. He stated that he loved portraying Roman because of the character’s flaws, which made his work interesting and challenging.

The best part of Mitchell’s own press conference on Twitter is the hint about a major twist in the story. Mitchell confirmed that a shocking twist would appear anytime in the current season. This claim surely made the show’s fans excited.

The series follows the story of Jane Doe who is discovered naked in Times Square. Jane loses her memories and discovers mysterious tattoos on her body. The FBI eventually uses Jane’s tattoos to trace a crime. The investigation also becomes a venue for Jane to know her real identity.

Blindspot Season 2 airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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