Blink-182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?’ Video Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V – Better and More Uproarious Than Original

By Atanu Shaw | 2 years ago

The result of valuable time spent, brilliant skills added to that a passion for the game has brought about a masterfully recreated video of Blink-182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?’ with different faces. YouTuber icanteventv has revamped the 1999 classic pop punk song video into a virtual recreation using Grand Theft Auto 5 and its characters as the medium of his 2015 message.

Utilizing Rockstar’s video editor, an exceptional video was created sans the original Blink-182 punk band members — Tom, Mark, and Travis. You will instead see GTA’s Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips roguishly streaking through a busy US neighborhood with their family jewels dangling about for all to see.

Although the new trio traverses almost identical streets and alleys butt-naked, there were several disparities on the scenes and people they encounter. The virtual recreation is actually more of an adaptation since the busty nurse became someone else and a new twist was inserted into the end of the video.

But same with the original trio, they still caused if not more trouble along the way, bringing a hint of GTA’s undeniable trademark of sex, violence and force into the hilarious tribute.

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