Is Blizzard Entertainment Making a ‘Diablo’ 4?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is Blizzard Entertainment Making a ‘Diablo’ 4?
Diablo 3

Blizzard Entertainment holds their cards close to their chest. However, it seems that their recent job posting may have given them away that a “Diablo 3” expansion is in the works. Or possibly, a “Diablo” 4. Read below for the full details:

This recent job posting is looking for an art director. Although the project isn’t announced there, a few clues lead to something “Diablo”-related. First off, Blizzard has just launched “Heroes of the Storm,” which follows the theme of “Diablo, which only means that the company is in full “Diablo” mode now.

Here’s the job posting:

“Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the most epic games in the world, is seeking an exceptionally skilled and passionate art director to help develop Blizzard’s next hit game! Work alongside a team of the best artists, engineers and designers on the planet and enjoy the support of a company whose culture is centered on collaborative game development. The successful applicant will have at least ten years experience crafting video game art and five years as a lead artist or art director. Other prerequisites include incredible communications and interpersonal skills.”

It may sound like its an expansion pack for “Diablo” but it also suggests that Blizzard is creating a new team to develop a new game. Fans of the game isn’t going to wait too long because the company might bring the game at the upcoming Blizzcon.

Do you think it’s time for a “Diablo 4?” Or is Blizzard cooking up another expansion for the game? Or maybe this is a completely different game? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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