Blizzard Planning Diablo 4 & Diablo 3 Expansion Treat At BlizzCon? What About Diablo 2 Remake?

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
Blizzard Planning Diablo 4 & Diablo 3 Expansion Treat At BlizzCon? What About Diablo 2 Remake?
Diablo 4 & Diablo 3 Expansion To Be Announced At BlizzCon?

Diablo 4 wait seems to be almost over for the fans. At least the recent development, including a few tweets on the official account of Blizzard, indicates so. According to the latest speculations, Blizzard is gearing up to release the fourth installment of the franchise at the much-awaited BlizzCon.

Apart from Diablo 4, the game developer may also re-introduce Diablo 3 with few new updates on heavy public demand. The third sequel became a huge hit with the gamer and fans are asking for fresh updates in it. Previously, fans were also talking about the remake of Diablo 2. However, right now, everyone just wants to know what exactly will Blizzard announce at the BlizCon.

Will the game developer announce Diablo 3 with the update, a remake of Diablo 2 or will it be an entirely new Diablo 4?

The official video game annual convention of Blizzard is almost two months away. It means the game developer still has a good amount of time to develop the game if the basic groundwork is complete. However, recently expert designers and technicians resigned from the company. Despite this fact, Blizzard declared that it is hiring new staff to complete an unannounced project.

Recent Tweets Hinting Huge Diablo Announcement?

One of the tweets stated that there could be a huge Diablo announcement at BlizzCon. Another tweet says that the event will be very cool. All these things point out that Blizzard is planning something huge for Diablo at the event.

That is why it is ready to hire new employees so that the development of Diablo 4 is complete by the time of the event. Recently, the Diablo 3 game director, Josh Mosqueira announced his exit from the company. Blizzard already issued want for several designers and technicians. However, according to Mobile & Apps, the position is not yet filled.

Hence, fans are worried whether Blizzard will complete Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 expansion within a couple of months.

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