Blood On Snow: Tobey Maguire Ends Hiatus With A Directorial Job

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Blood On Snow: Tobey Maguire Ends Hiatus With A Directorial Job
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Tobey Maguire officially ends his hiatus after being confirmed as the director of the upcoming film adaptation of Blood on Snow. This will be Maguire’s directorial debut after his brief time in the limelight as the star of the first Spiderman trilogy.

After becoming the talk of the town with his role as Peter Parker, Maguire slowly faded back into obscurity. Sure he had a few good film roles here and there but unlike many in Hollywood, he didn’t bask in the fame for too long.

He seemed to have been avoiding the spotlight in the years following Spiderman. Perhaps the criticisms of his portrayal of a sad, mopey, and impulsive Spiderman instead of his quippy version got to him. The same happened to Hayden Christensen after he drew the ire of diehard Star Wars fans.

It wasn’t entirely Hollywood’s fault that he wasn’t able to hog the attention after the masked hero. According to Cinemablend, Maguire has been terribly picky about accepting roles. With the film industry as competitive as it is, once you fade into the background it’s pretty hard to get back.

Blood On Snow

Tobey Maguire Stages A Comeback In Hollywood Via Blood On Snow

Despite his sporadic career, he seems pretty confident with his skills that he has accepted the job to direct the film adaptation of Blood on Snow. Jo Nesbo’s novella centers on the internal conflict of a career hitman who falls in love with a woman who he is supposed to kill.

To make matters worse, the woman is also his boss’ unfaithful wife. This prompts him to go on the run with her to escape the vengeful fury of his former employer.

Adapting such a story for the big screen seems to be too tall an order, especially for a directorial debut. Still, the small scale of the production could work well for the fledgling director.

It would be nice to know Maguire is on a major project even if it’s just behind the camera. We haven’t heard much of him since his last high-profile role as Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby.

This new project could possibly pave the way for a major career shift for him. If he’s any good at directing that is. Sure his boy next door face would be missed but it would be more of a waste to confine him to acting if he really does have a calling as a director.

And even though this is his debut, he’s not diving into the job headfirst. The A.V. Club reported that he will have help from Nesbo who will be serving as the writer for the adaptation.

Fans need not worry about Maguire not being a bona fide director yet. The man behind the novel will still assist in order to prevent the adaptation of his work from becoming another Hollywood flop.

Blood On Snow

Tobey Maguire Was A Voice Actor In The Boss Baby

However contrary to earlier claims, this is not Maguire’s first project after his two-year hiatus. The budding director lent his voice to Timothy, the older brother of the titular character in Dreamwork’s The Boss Baby. He played the role of an older Tim who also serves as the narrator of the story.

That being said, it would not be interesting to see what Maguire does in his directorial movie. We’ll just have to wait in see if there will be a new director in Hollywood soon.

Strictly speaking, it’s not uncommon for an actor to move into directing after his stint in acting. Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson among others have directed some of the most memorable films of all time.

Will Tobey Maguire join the pantheon of great actors-turned-director in the future? Possibly. After all Hollywood is the place where people achieve their dreams, their film related dreams anyway.

Blood On Snow

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