Blue Bloods Recap: Baggage

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Blue Bloods Recap: Baggage
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Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 11 “Baggage” aired last Friday, Jan. 9, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) and Special Assistant to the Commissioner Sergeant Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) clashed with one other. They differed in their opinions on how to handle a guerilla street artist who left suspicious ticking packages around the city as part of this artwork. This came to their attention after Police Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko (Vanessa Ray) cleared a park because of this. Meanwhile, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) discovered a case close to his own heart, and got his sister, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) to help out. He investigated a group of bank robbers comprised of former war veterans, after he and Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) were involved in one of the robberies. This is also the one-hundredth episode of the show. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Police Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Police Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko (Vanessa Ray) cleared an entire park. They called a bomb unit after they discovered a suspicious ticking package on the street in front of the bench they were going to sit on to eat their lunch. After the bomb squad’s robot unzipped the bag, a yellow inflatable balloon with writing on it popped out. It turned out to be the work of “Spanky,” a “guerilla street artist.”

Meanwhile, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his wife, Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) went to the bank in order to apply to re-finance their house’s mortgage. However, despite the fact that they had been loyal customers for twenty years, they were turned down for the moment. Before anyone could move, three masked men and one masked woman came in with guns and ordered them to get on the floor and to give them their valuables. Danny hid his badge right away and noticed that the robbers used military hand signals. He also noticed that one of them had a scar on his wrist, and another had a bandage on his neck. One of them, a woman, became suspicious that Danny was a cop but left when she was told to leave. Danny then gave his observations to Linda to memorize and instructed the bank employee they were talking about earlier to call 911.

At the Headquarters of the New York Police Department, or “1PP,” Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Garrett Moore (Greg Jbara) and the Special Assistant to the Commissioner Sergeant Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) clashed with each other on how to handle the “Spanky” situation. Garrett regarded him as an artist. Gormley viewed him as a terrorist because of the suspicious packages he leaves, and because it disturbs the public peace. As they ended up in a shouting match with each other, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) instructed them to stop shouting. She told them that Spanky was “not a terrorist,” and that they were not going to go after him because of his “race or profession.” It was because he was a “person of interest” in a felonious act. He then told them to go and do their jobs, and not to cause him more work and terrorists.

Outside the bank, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) caught up with her partner, Danny. He was looking for a possible lookout area. He had noticed that the robber by the window was looking at a certain direction. After guessing which one it was, they went up to the roof where they found boot prints, and a dropped cigarette butt. Due to this and the hand signals used during the robbery, he guessed that the robbers were former military.

Back at 1PP, Garrett told Sid that he should sometimes follow his (Garret’s) lead, as working at 1PP was different than being a “cop on the street.” However, this did not sit well with Sid at all as he felt that Garrett was questioning how he does his own job.

At the District Attorney’s office, Danny asked his sister, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) to ask Sam Holbrooke to help them out to process the DNA from the cigarette butt that he had found. However, Erin was reluctant to help as that would mean that she would have to go on a date with Holbrooke, which she did not want to do. Danny then told her that he could pay for her coffee if need be. He told her that he was very sure that the robbers were former military. She then told him that he was right, and they matched the DNA to a former Sergeant Joe Raymond (Don Guillory). She told him that she was going to have dinner with Holbrooke because of it.

Maria and Danny then paid a visit to Raymond. He refused to come, but let it slip that he knew that it was a bank robbery. Thankfully, Maria had a court order for Raymond’s phone. Because of that, they discovered that he had called a “restaurant in the East Village.”

Back at 1PP, Frank informed Garrett that Spanky had struck again. He instructed him to write something “in our favor,” which he would do anyway. He then told Frank that he felt that he had a “blind spot with how” he views his command. He told him that he felt that Frank cared more about connecting to his officers rather than how he is perceived by the public as “it does matter” as well.

At the restaurant, Danny recognized the voice of the woman, Angela Cabot (Christina Bennett Lind), who was a waitress there. After luring her to their table, Maria noticed that the dishwasher was staring at them. After turning around, Danny recognized the scars around his wrists. The man then dropped his dishes and ran out with Danny chasing after him. However, Danny wasn’t able to catch up with him. Meanwhile, they questioned Angela outside, who informed Danny that she had “served one tour” in Bakuba. They were then interrupted by Eli Campbell (Dashiell Eaves), her lawyer. She told her not to say anything anymore to them. After noticing Eli’s tattoo on his neck, Danny realized that he was also one of the robbers but had put a bandage over the tattoo.

Back at 1PP, Garrett was shocked to discover that he had not been included in a particular meeting, and Gormley was.

Later that night, Danny crashed Erin’s and Sam Holbrooke’s dinner date, as he needed another favor. He then showed him that the robbers-Angela Cabot, Eli Campbell, Joe Raymond and Michael McCarty all served together in Bakuba. They were part of a “five man striker team”, and wanted to know who the “fifth man” was. He apologized and knew that this case might be uncomfortable. It was for Danny, as he was a former Marine. Holbrooke then told Danny that he would try and see what he could do.

Next morning, Garrett confronted Frank about being frozen out of that meeting. However, Frank told him that he had not been included in the meeting as it had not had a “public relations component” to it. However, he felt slighted as he felt that this had happened because of what he had said to Frank the other day. Frank then reassured him that he valued Gormley’s advice just as much as he valued Garrett’s.

Meanwhile, Danny and Maria paid a visit to the “fifth man,”Richard Sullivan (Tyler Elliot Burke). It turned out that Richard went around in a wheelchair. He had lost his legs in an IED blast, and continuously “loses his mind” due to the concussions and head trauma that had occurred during the blast. They then discovered that he was married to Angela. She had “raised a charity” in his name so that he could the money needed in order to undergo treatment. Before Danny and Maria left, they told him that they were there to ask about a couple of “break-ins in the neighborhood,” and he promised to keep his eyes open.

Later that night, Danny approached Angela and told her that he was in a delicate position. He told her that she would have to “go away for a long time.” He knew that he would be able to catch her and the others. He told her that he could try to put things in her favor if she cooperated with them. He then told her that this case mattered to him as he was also a former veteran.

That Sunday, during dinner, they all agreed that it was a difficult decision to make. Frank warned his son “not to romanticize” it, as that was not an excuse to go and rob banks. Danny then revealed that he knew that he had a case because he had followed her the night that he had talked to her and had pictures which could be used as leverage. It would leave Richard “back where he had started,” which “was not right” either.

Next morning, Garrett revealed to Frank that the New York Times was going to write a piece on how the Police Department was “saving New York from art.” He then told Frank that because of this. He finally realized that he and Gormley were right all along about Spanky, and felt bad as he had yelled at Gormley. He then told Frank that he was going to apologize to Gormley. Frank warned him to apologize to him for asking him “to do” him “a favor.”

At the Sullivan house, Danny and Maria presented Angela with the pictures and told her that they were there to “help her.” Danny then gave her a letter from Veteran’s Affairs which stated that they would pay for all of Richard’s needed treatments. After Richard came back home, she told him the truth about everything.

At the Assistant District Attorney’s office, Danny learned from Erin that the District Attorney had decided to give each of the robbers “five years a piece” as they were only “first-time offenders.”

At 1PP, Gormley celebrated in his office as Spanky had finally been caught as he was trying to “board a flight to the U.K.” Garrett then congratulated him, and in front of Frank, asked Gormley to be a speaker at a criminal justice school. Gormley agreed and greatly appreciated the fact that Garrett had thought of asking him.

Meanwhile, Danny brought Angela and Richard to the hospital so that she could see Richard off. Before they parted, they kissed, and she promised that they would make everything work, and get better. She then thanked Danny and promised “never to do it again.” Danny then cuffed her and led her out of the waiting area.

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