Blue Bloods Recap: Burning Bridges

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Burning Bridges
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"Blue Bloods" Season 5 Episode 3 "Burning Bridges" aired last Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Walhberg) and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) unwillingly outed one of their fellow detectives as he was a witness and a hero in a hate crime beating in West Village, which caused a rift between the outed detective, Detective Alex Fuentes (Frank Pando) and his partner, Detective Jerrie Demarest (Danny McCarthy). However, this incident caused a rift between Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and the Cardinal of New York, Cardinal Brennan (Bill Irwin), after he issued a statement against the church regarding their stance on homosexuals. Meanwhile, Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) tried to figure out a way to get back at Detective Mike Hofferman (Kevin O' Donnell), who took Jamie's and his partner's collar. Read on to learn more about the episode.

The episode began with an unexpected meeting between Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and Sister Mary from St. Dominic’s, Frank’s old school. Since Sister Mary knew that Frank always has lunch with the Cardinal Brennan (Bill Irwin) every third Thursday of the month, she wanted to ask him to intercede for St. Dominic’s, as it is currently on the shortlist of schools that the archdiocese was considering on shutting down. Frank told her that he would listen to her case and would try his best but could not give any guarantees.

Meanwhile, Officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) intervened in between a husband who was stabbing his wife in anger. They were able to get her to a hospital just around the corner, only to find that the husband had followed them and tried to stab again his wife. Jamie was able to stop him in time, only for him to have a nasty scratch on his head. Detective Mike Hofferman (Kevin O’ Donnell) arrived on the scene and told Jamie that they would take care of the perpetrator, so that Jamie could have his head looked at since he was bleeding. However, Jamie was reluctant, as the two had a running rivalry since they were rookies at the academy and told Mike that it was their collar and not his.

However, when they got back to the precinct, Jamie found out that Mike had taken credit for his collar once again, and Mike taunted him, as he was already a detective, and Jamie was still an officer. He was about to fight back when Eddie stopped him and told him off, as Mike was just merely a big bully. Because of this, Jamie decided to “push back.”

Meanwhile, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) came upon the scene of a hate crime beating in West Village. According to the officers, two white males came and hurled anti-gay insults at a man coming out of the bar. Things got heated, and the man from the bar ended up in critical condition, with his head bashed on the street. However, a Good Samaritan had seen the incident and had intervened. However, things became a little bit more complicated when Danny and Maria realized that the Good Samaritan in question was Detective Alex Fuentes (Frank Pando), who was off duty at that time and that he was in that area because he was gay.

The pair tried to keep his name out of the report, but in the end, everyone, from his partner to his family knew that he was gay. According to him, one of the attackers wore a River Glen Highschool number 51 football windbreaker. River Glen, as it turned out, was on the New Jersey border to New York, which made the school fall under their jurisdiction.

During his lunch with the Cardinal, Frank brought the case of St. Dominic’s to the Cardinal’s attention. He reassured him that his appraisers will take a look at it, but Frank could help St. Dominic’s cause by agreeing to chair the Trinity Society Dinner and to finally accept the Person of the Year Award. Frank agreed to chair the dinner but still would not accept the Person of the Year Award as he believed in the separation of Church and State.

Back at the precinct, Danny informed Maria that since the Chief of Police in River Glen was a good friend of his father’s, he had agreed to help them out. Then they were called into Sergeant Gormley’s office, as they had to switch partners with Detective Alex Fuentes and his partner, Detective Jerrie Demarest (Danny McCarthy). Demarest felt betrayed as Fuentes, who had been his partner for eight years, did not tell him that he was gay. Because of this, he refused to ride with him. So for a couple of "tours," Danny was to ride with Demarest, and Maria was to ride with Fuentes. Fuentes did want to work things out with Demarest, but Demarest just got angrier and punched him, even before they pulled them apart. Demarest and Danny would continue investigating on the West Village beating, while Maria and Fuentes would handle a robbery case.

At the Commissioner’s press conference, Frank was put under the gun with questions by reporters about his stance regarding homosexuals and the fact that he is very Catholic. Frank told them that the West Village beating was a hate crime and that he believed that the Church was “behind” on issues regarding homosexuality.

Outside the precinct, Eddie and Jamie met up with another detective, as he had wanted to get back at Mike by stealing his collar without having to use his father, as Mike always used his uncle's, who was the Deputy Police Comissioner. The detective told them that Mike was a good detective, but he was greedy with regards to collars, which was how he had made his way up to becoming a detective. They were then informed that Mike had been bragging that he had a confidential informant who could help him put away a thief called “Spider Boy” and that he had a warrant out to arrest him so that by Monday, it would be in the papers. However, Mike wouldn’t be around during the weekend to make any arrests as he would be in Puerto Rico. Jamie then decided to use “his hook” in the District Attorney’s office, his sister Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), to get the warrant.

Demarest and Danny visited Mrs. Elvers, the mother of the victim of the hate crime, Martin Elvers. Martin had to be operated on as he had suffered an intercranial hemorrhage. However, the mother could not think of anyone who would have wanted to harm Martin as he was a veterinarian and a very gentle soul.

On the drive to New Jersey, Danny tried to get Demarest to talk to him, but he contented himself with just being quiet.

Meanwhile, back in New York, during their stake out, Maria learned that not only had Fuentes lost his partner that week because he was outed, but he had been disowned by his father as well.

At New Jersey, Danny and Demarest were warmly greeted by the Chief of Police, Chief Monroe, who openly made fun of the fact that Fuentes, Demarest’s partner, was gay. However, Danny told him that Fuentes was a good detective and that he had once saved Demarest’s life.

They were then informed by Detective Billy Kellin that they had checked the current number 51 on the team but found that he had an alibi. Danny then suggested that they also check the previous 51s from years back. The detective was not about to do it right away, as it was his off the next day, but weirdly enough, Chief Monroe ordered him to come in on his day off. Afterwards, as Danny learned that Martin had died on the operating table, the case was now a homicide.

The Cardinal then paid a visit to Frank as he wanted him to issue a public apology regarding what he had said during the press conference. Frank realized that now, he could not help St. Dominic’s anymore and told him that he could “issue a statement regarding the context of his statement,” as “the public nature of his remark was unfortunate.” Frank then tried his very best to draft a statement, and failing that, he asked his Chief of Staff, Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbarra), to help him come up with a statement that would “satisfy both sides,” as this issue was very important to him.

Meanwhile, Jamie met Erin at the park, who gave him the warrant for Davey Lugo, who was also known as the thief “Spider Boy.” The warrant would be good until Wednesday. Erin then learned that Mike did not like Jamie as he had come out second when they had graduated from the Academy. Erin warned her brother that “two wrongs won’t make anything right,” but Jamie just walked away.

Demarest and Danny discovered that the driver of the vehicle of the perpetrators was Todd Kowalchuck, a former football player at River Glen, who wore the jersey numbered 51. They also discovered that Kevin Monroe, the chief’s son, played football with Kowalchuck, and back at the station, Fuentes was able to identify them both as the attackers.

They then put the chief’s guard down by informing him that they had found the perpetrators at a River Glen High School in New York. They decided to place an appointment on Kowalchuck and Monroe’s exterminator services in a neighboring village in which the New York Police Department had jurisdiction over, where the four of them would be waiting for both men. As they arrested them, Danny allowed Fuentes to handcuff Monroe. Demarest then requested that he and Fuentes be the ones to book them and admitted that Fuentes was indeed a great partner.

Back at home, Frank apologized to Sister Mary for not being able to help St. Dominic’s out because he could not issue the apology that the Cardinal wanted. The Sister just thanked him and revealed that she had left her girlfriend in order to become a nun and that she wasn’t ashamed of what she is and had never regretted answering the Lord’s call.

Meanwhile, Edie and Jamie arrested “Spider Boy,” but instead of processing him themselves, he gave the collar to Mike “in the spirit of the brotherhood of the NYPD,” as he was the lead detective in that investigation.

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