Blue Bloods Recap: Excessive Force

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Excessive Force
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 4 “Excessive Force” aired last Friday, Oct. 17, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) were put in the hot seat as Danny was falsely accused of police brutality by Reverend Darnell Potter. Frank tried to resolve the situation as much as he could by avoiding the public. In the end, he made a surprising choice. Meanwhile, Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) became a little bit jealous of her partner and a doctor he had met while they were on duty. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) waited for his drug addict confidential informant. After waiting for quite a while, the informant, Willy, came in and told them that he needed his “fix” first, as he was still working on a lead. As he has not given them any good information about the new person who was selling stolen goods in the neighborhood, they refused to give him the money, which he quickly took and tried to run away. Danny caught him and gave him a little smack on his head and a little kick on the behind, warning him not to repeat what he had just done, or else, he would throw him into the river.

Meanwhile, Officers Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) caught a drug addict and homeless man trying to smash a storefront window as he was convinced that the mannequin, who he loved, was deliberately trying not to speak to him. They got him to a hospital where they waited for more than two hours for a doctor to attend to them. Eddie then suggested that Jamie should talk to the female doctor nearby so that they could finally leave. The doctor, Jennifer Bennet, was a little bit frazzled and answered back at Jamie when he asked when she could see their guy. He then apologized for being rude. Before seeing their guy, she gave him her number, in front of a jealous Eddie.

Back on the streets, Danny decided to stop by a local convenience store in order to get another cup of coffee. However, as the store owner said that the coffee was free, they realized that something was happening. When Danny went round back to see what was going on behind the counter, the thief, jumped up, spilled coffee on Maria and ran off without his gun. Danny chased him into a building, where he was able to hold the guy at gunpoint. A little Mexican kid, Ernesto, went out of his apartment to see what the matter was, but Danny told him to get back inside. He then told the thief to put his hands against the wall, or else he promised to throw him out the window. Then without warning, the suspect then leapt out of the three-story window and claimed that Danny had pushed him out, in an act of police brutality. Reverend Darnell Potter, who was nearby, then threatened to protest in front of 1PP as the police officer who had committed the act was the son of the Police Commissioner. However, Danny maintained to his boss, Sergeant Gormley (Robert Clohessy), that he was innocent.  

Outside 1PP, Reverend Potter put Danny’s confidential informant, Willy, on the stand, who told the audience that Danny had beat him up because he did not have the information that he needed. As the protest was getting a lot of news coverage, Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) told Frank that he needed to hold a press conference about the situation soon so that he could show that he supported Danny,and that he should already pick a Chief of Department, who could handle situations like that for them.

At the precinct, Gormley instructed Danny to head towards the Records Room, where he found his father inside, waiting for him. Frank reassured his son that he knew that he would never do such a thing like that and told him to walk him through what had happened. Danny told him everything, including the fact that a kid who lived in an apartment across the hall, Ernesto, had gone outside for a while, but since he had told him to go back into the apartment, Danny did not know whether he had seen and heard the entire thing. He then admitted that he had threatened lightly to throw the suspect out the window, which was where the thief probably got the idea from. Frank told him that he needed to know these things before someone like Reverend Potter got hold of them first.

Meanwhile, out on the streets, Eddie tried to find out from Jamie if he had called the doctor they had met the other day yet. Jamie found it strange that they were talking about it, especially as they had once gotten drunk and kissed each other. However, as Eddie maintained that they were just friends, Jamie told her that they had gone out for some drinks.

During lunch, Frank asked the Cardinal (Bill Irwin) for some advice regarding his difficult position, as Reverend Potter was using Danny in order to get the people to rally against the New York Police Department. However, Frank also had a lot of respect for the Reverend, as he was still a “man of the cloth,” did not want to offend his community. The Cardinal then suggested to handle things with discretion by meeting with the Reverend privately.

At the precinct, Detective Powell informed Maria and Danny that when he had canvassed the building, he had interviewed the family whose apartment was across the hall from where everything went down. He told them that little Ernesto had told his parents that the suspect had gone crazy and threw himself out the window, but when he asked for an English translation, the parents told him that the boy had not said anything. They concluded that they probably got scared as they might have been illegal immigrants. When Maria and Danny returned to the building, much to their surprise, they learned that the family had left all of a sudden.

Back at the police station, Jamie and Eddie were suddenly at odds with each other as he was surprised that Eddie had chosen to ride with someone else the next day. He then asked her if she was upset that he had gone out with Jen, but she told him that she didn’t feel that way and decided to ride with their fellow police officer as he was running a decoy operation and needed a female to pose as a hooker.

At headquarters, Frank instructed Garrett to “reach out to Potter.” However, Garrett told him that at that moment, he needed to be at the COMPSTAT meeting where a highly decorated lieutenant, Lieutenant Trumball, with a good background and a master’s degree had his “turn at the wheel.”

Before Frank came in, Lieutenant Trumball criticized the way that Sergeant Gormley handled his people, as Danny, who had a reputation for being aggressive, came from his department. However, as Frank came in, Trumball immediately changed the subject. However, Frank asked Gormley what they had been talking about, and Gormley told him that Trumball had been discussing Danny’s current situation. He then told them all that he did not understand why everyone had to be so particular nowadays with rules and getting higher up in the ranks because they had a master’s degree. He told them that he “liked the department the way it used to be,” where cops like Danny, who got things done, were applauded for doing their job well.

Reverend Potter accepted Frank’s invitation to meet in private and told him that he wanted Danny to retire, or else, the boy who had witnessed everything, Ernesto, would tell the media that he had witnessed Danny throwing out the suspect, Jesse Lincoln, out of the window. Frank then countered that if Ernesto had been a witness to a crime, then he should be interviewed in front of his detectives, the District Attorney’s office and child services. He was also prepared to give immunity to Ernesto’s family not to be deported if needed. However, Reverend Potter stood his ground, as he wanted the people to know that the NYPD would be held accountable for their actions.

At the usual family Sunday dinner, Danny’s children and Nikki found it unfair that Reverend Potter, who fancied himself to be the “leader of the resistance,” was coming after Danny, even if he had done nothing wrong, as his last name was Reagan. Frank then suggested to Danny that someone must have sponsored the relocation of Ernesto’s family, which was why they had left so abruptly. That night, Maria and Danny followed Reverend Potter to a luxury condominium. He also brought down some presents in big shopping bags for Ernesto’s family. Thanks to the fact that his sister, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), was able to get them a judicial subpoena for the leasing records of the building. They discovered that the a new apartment had just been bought the day before using a check and account that belonged to Reverend Potter.

The next morning, Frank confronted Reverend Potter at a diner, who was disappointed that Danny wasn’t there. As he knew that Frank would “pull a stunt” like that, he called over the members of the media that he had invited over, so that Ernesto could tell the world that Danny had committed an act of police brutality. However, Frank told him that he had a choice — they could walk out hand in hand, or with him in handcuffs, as he had given Ernesto’s family money in order for Ernesto to give false testimony. That would mean that he had bribed a witness, which was a class D felony. Frank also gave him back the presents that Reverend Potter had given Ernesto’s family, which showed that he was not bluffing. However, as Frank had respect for the Reverend, he was willing to give him a second chance. As Ernesto had exonerated Danny, Danny was finally able to arrest Jesse Lincoln at the hospital where he was recovering.

Later that evening, at a bar, Jamie apologized to Eddie for thinking that she had been jealous of him and Jen. However, she said that he hadn’t “completely misread the situation,” but as their relationship was really undefined, she told him that he did not need her permission to go and see Jen. Jamie ended up going out for dinner with Jen, while Eddie stayed behind, drank beer and played darts.

At the precinct, Danny was shocked to see that Gormley was packing up his things, as he was being asked to go down to 1PP as he was getting transferred. At Frank’s office, Gormley apologized for his behavior but still stuck to his belief that he had liked the department before. Frank told him that he disagreed with him but was glad that he had the courage to say it to his face. He then asked him to work with him as Chief of Department, as he needed a “cop’s cop” — someone who can help him stay connected to the “rank and file.” Gormley agreed to work for Frank and told him that his new title, “Special Assistant to the Commissioner,” sounded awful.

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