Blue Bloods Recap: Forgive and Forget

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Blue Bloods Recap: Forgive and Forget
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 2 “Forgive and Forget” aired last Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) asked his sister, Executive Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), to reopen an old case in order to get justice for a girl who had just died. However, after Erin interviewed the main suspect in the shooting that caused the girl’s accident years ago, she faced the difficult decision of deciding what was the right thing to do, as the shooter had turned over a new leaf. At the police station, Officer Kara Walsh (Tonya Glanz) was ostracized by the rest of the force, and Officer Edie Jenko (Vanessa Ray) as she did the right thing, testified against her partner who was then fired. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) was the only one who stood by Kara and, in doing so, earned the ire of his own partner, Edie. Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) was placed in a difficult position as he might have dismissed a detective who was a good friend of his and was a few months shy of retirement. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) was told by Deputy Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) that they have an incident on their hands. A homicide detective, Jimmy Clark, had been shot in the leg by his partner, and Frank’s good friend, Chris Scanlon. He was also informed that they were not sure yet if the entire thing was an accident.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Officer Edie Jenko (Vanessa Ray) was surprised that Officer Kara Walsh (Tonya Glanz) was back at their station. It turned out that no one liked Kara because she had testified against her partner, Randy Cutter,  who had choked a suspect while in their custody. Many believed that her testimony was the reason Cutter was let go from the force. However, only Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) seemed to think that she had done the right thing. He then welcomed her back and apologized for Edie’s treatment of her.

Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), attended the funeral of 23-year-old Isabel Green. This case was personal to Danny as he had handled Isabel’s case. What happened was that when she was 15, she accidentally got caught up in the middle of a gang war and was accidentally shot by a gang member named Damon Williams. Williams had served time and had gone to Juvenile Hall for what he did, but since Isabel went in and out of hospitals ever since then, her father, Marcus Green, felt like Williams had indeed murdered Isabel. Marcus asked for some help from Danny, who readily obliged.

He then visited his sister, Executive Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), who told him that she would look at the case and that they might have a slim chance to charge Damon Williams due to the delayed death exception.

Meanwhile, Frank met Scanlon, who told him that Jimmy Clark had asked to see his gun, as he had carried his old revolver that day, as Clark had never seen one like it before. After Scanlon handed Clark the gun, somehow, one of them caught the trigger, and Clark got shot. Scanlon admitted to Frank that it was an accident and that as he was a few months away from retirement, that he wanted to retire with honors.

Later that night, Erin told Danny that according to their medical examiner, Isabel had died due to complications caused by Damon Williams’ bullet and told him to bring Williams to her so that she could talk to him.

At the same time that was happening, Frank met with Jamie to ask him how Kara Walsh was doing. He then revealed that he felt that it was his fault that she was receiving poor treatment for what she had done. He said that he had been the one who had convinced Kara to testify and that he had fired Randy Cutter as he saw that he was not fit to be a good cop. He then challenged Jamie by asking him what he thinks he could do for Kara.

The next morning, Erin poured out some coffee for her on-and-off boyfriend, lawyer Robert McCoy (Holt McCallany). However, their happy mood was disturbed when he revealed that he was going to become the interim District Attorney, as the former District Attorney had resigned. This upset Erin as she had made it to where she was at the moment without “sleeping with her boss,” and she did not want to start doing that any time soon.

As Edie and Jamie grabbed a bite to eat at a known hang out for police officers, Jamie noticed that Kara was eating alone. Despite Edie’s objections, he accompanied her. He also told her that he admired the fact that she had done the right thing in testifying against her partner, even if it was difficult to do. She then confided to him that she was not having a great week, as nobody really wanted to talk to her or be her partner. She told him that it had always been her dream to be a cop, but now that she was one, she was not sure anymore if she was happy with it.

Meanwhile, Danny and Maria went to Damon Williams’ neighborhood to bring him in from questioning. Danny was suspicious of him from the very start as he was in the exact same neighborhood the gang war took place and because he was with known gang members. However, in Erin’s office, he told her that he was only there because he was the Director of the Garfield Community Center and was recruiting those boys to join their basketball and soccer leagues. He told her that he had felt awful about what had happened to Isabel, and after his stint in Juvenile Hall, he decided to turn over a new leaf. He graduated high school, got a college diploma, and was the director of the community center because he wanted to be able to help other gang members turn a new leaf instead of ending up in jail.

At the police station, Edie became upset with Jamie when she learned that he had volunteered to ride with Kara. However, when Jamie confronted Edie, he realized that all she was worried about was her reputation when Jamie returned to being her partner again. However, time and time again during that day, Jamie defended Kara against everyone who called her nasty names and did not treat her right.

At Frank’s office, Moore informed him that Clark’s breathalizer results showed that he had been drinking and was intoxicated when he shot himself in the leg. However, Scanlon hadn’t been tested yet. Moore then asked Frank if he would let Scanlon not take the breatalizer test because they were friends, placing him in a very difficult position.

Later that night, Jamie and Kara responded to a burglary, only come under heavy fire from the thieves. They requested for back up, and the only one who responded were Edie and her partner for the day. The three then split up in order to take out the robbers, and in the ensuing shoot out, Kara got hit in the shoulder as she shot one of the thieves who was about to shoot Edie. Even if the situation was getting better, the two pairs wondered why no one else had come as their back up.

During Sunday dinner, in the kitchen, Danny thanked Erin for looking into Isabel’s case for him. She then faced the difficult position of telling him that the acting chief had decided that they would not be pushing forward with Damon’s case and that she had agreed with him. This caused Danny to be in a foul mood the entire dinner, causing the two to fight over it. After Erin stated the case, she asked around if they did believe in second chances, to which Frank agreed. However, Danny told them that it was more difficult for him, as he had to be the one to tell Marcus Green that the justice system had failed him. It was also revealed that some of them, such as Danny, did not agree with Jamie’s decision to be kind to Kara because she had let down her partner. However, Frank told them that he thought that Kara was a good cop.

After dinner, Danny told Erin to ride with him, as a call that he had gotten had to do with both of them. He brought her to a crime scene where someone had been shot. Damon Williams had been shot in the abdomen by Marcus Green, who claimed that Williams had it coming for him.

Later on, when they visited a recovering Williams in the hospital, Erin revealed that as there were no street cameras or witnesses, if Williams identifies the suspect who had shot him, then they would charge that suspect. Their current suspect, Marcus Green, refused to give a statement. Erin then appealed to Williams, asking if he could give someone else a second chance, just like they had done with him. In the end, Williams said that he did not see his shooter, thus letting Marcus Green free.

At the parking lot, Robert confronted her and apologized for giving her the big news about him becoming interim District Attorney the way that he did. Erin then admitted that she was upset about it as she had worked her way up because of hard work and was afraid that people might think that she only gets things because she was sleeping with her boss. The two then reconciled with each other.

Meanwhile, Frank learned that Scanlon had not been asked to take a breathalizer test so that he could still have a chance to retire with honors. However, Frank confronted Scanlon, who admitted that he had been drinking heavily as of late, as the prospect of retirement had scared him. Even though it was hard and difficult to do, he decided to turn in his badge to Frank. Frank then told him that because he had done the right thing — he had indeed retired with honor.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Jamie confronted Officer Reynolds, whom he found out was near them that night when they asked for back up. He then told the entire station that if anyone had a problem with Kara, then they also had a problem with him.

Later, after shift, Edie apologized to Kara, whose arm was in a sling due to the shoot out, about the way she had been treating her. As the three continued drinking their beer, they were surprised when a pitcher of beer from Reynolds and other policemen was brought to them, thus symbolizing that Kara was welcomed back into the fold.

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