‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: ‘With Friends Like These’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: ‘With Friends Like These’
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“Blue Bloods” Season 6 Episode 4 “With Friends Like These” aired last Friday, October 17, 2015 at 10:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) tried to patch things up with the New York Fire Department Commissioner Stan Rourke (Dan Lauria) as the legendary rivalry between the two departments began to cause complications when it came to responding to particular calls. Meanwhile, Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) tried to go above and beyond to help a mentally ill woman named Jenny Strong (Anna Baryshnikov), which made them realize something about City run departments, including the New York Police Department. Assistant District Attorney Erin Reaga (Bridget Moynahan) reopened a fifteen-year-old cold case in the hopes of finally managing to pin a notorious mobster with something incriminating, but found out that the truth was farther than it seemed. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Relations between the New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department, which already had a pre-existing and legendary rivalry between each other, soured even more after several police officers and several firemen fought each other after insulting each other while being patched up by Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) and other nurses, as they blamed each other for stepping on each others toes while responding to a particular incident.

Words of this quickly went through to Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), who was soon ordered by the mayor to patch things up with New York Fire Department Commissioner Stan Rourke (Dan Lauria), which did not end well.


Things then got a little bit worse after one of Frank’s officers was injured during a drug raid as the Fire Department had come upon the scene, as the suspects they were after had tried to torch the place to get rid of the evidence, and had decided to ignore their orders and engaged the fire, causing a shoot out.

Afterwards, as they both realized that things were going too far, Rourke decided to comply with Frank’s request to apologize to the injured officer in the press, and was reluctant to agree at the firemen obeying police orders if they respond to a crime scene.

Meanwhile, Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Edit Janko (Vanessa Ray) helped out a mentally ill woman named Jenny Strong (Anna Baryshnikov), who lived with her father, and whose psychiatric case officer wasn’t of any help. Instead, when they visited her, the case worker blamed the lack of resources in both her department, and in the New York Police Department, as they, the first responders to emergency situations with emotionally unstable people weren’t trained to handle them.

Jamie then helped save Jenny’s life that night as he managed to calm her down and got her to drop the knife she had used to stab her father later that night.

The next day, he asked Jenny’s father to come to the precinct as Jamie was able to get her an open slot at a hospital where a friend of his works. However, Jamie felt saddened after learning that she had killed herself the night beforehand.

Because of this, Jamie approached his father and suggested that he put up a committee of government employees, as well as police officers, so that they would be able to get trained and to help the mentally ill.


His father then agreed on the condition that Jaimie come up with the names that he wants on the committee and told him that his name should also be on that list.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to find something concrete to finally pin a grave charge on mobster boss Lenny Grazioso (Steven Randazzo), Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) decided to re-open a fifteen-year-old cold case, where Grazioso had been accused of killing a known drug dealer named Ronald Green, and asked one of the police officers who were on the scene back then, Jimmy Costa (Erik Palladino), as the lead investigator on the case.

He then introduced her to his old partner, Marty Brock (Marc Machaca), who found a gun that was a direct match to the bullets used to kill Green.

However, Erin’s case was turned upside down after Vincent Rella (Dan Hedaya), a mobster turned informant, whom she had used before, bought his freedom from the mob by becoming Grazioso’s alibi for that night.

Later, Grazioso told Erin that he was telling the truth, and hinted that a cop had killed Green. Afterwards, both Jimmy and Erin realized that Brock had killed Green after he realized that Green had been holding back on his share of the money after a drug deal.

They then managed to get Machaca on tape, confessing to Green’s murder, after setting things up so that Machaca would come after Vincent.

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