Blue Bloods Recap: Loose Lips

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Loose Lips
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 5 “Loose Lips” aired last Oct. 24, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) got into trouble. The stalker ex-boyfriend of a girl he had tried to help out came after him and his partner Officer Edie Janko (Vanessa Ray). Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Francis Reagan (Tom Selleck) and Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) had to deal with Former Police Commissioner Henry Reagan (Len Cariou) and Nikki Reagan (Sami Gayle) because what they had said on social media became a big deal. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Jamie, who was going for his daily run, tried to help out a girl named Tina, who looked like she has been beaten. He gave her his card and tried to talk to her, but she refused his offer. She told him that “he” was watching her and that she could not tell him who was stalking her. As he saw a patrol car came up, he decided to let them take her to the precinct; but when he looked back, she was gone.

At their house, Henry told his son, Frank, that he did not want to disappoint anyone at the dinner he was attending that night as he was not Frank. However, his son just told him to have fun.

Erin ran into Mr. Tom Pinkus on the street. As he had interviewed her daughter Nikki for Rutgers, he indirectly told her that Rutger’s would not be accepting her as they had hoped that their student’s parents monitored their children’s use of social media.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) visited the hospital as Linda (Amy Carlson), Danny’s wife, had received a patient who was pretty beat up. Her name was Tina McDermott and said that she “deserved it." Before she died, she told them that “he” would kill her and the other cop that had tried to help because he had friends who could kill people. He had beaten her up as she had asked for help. Then, Baez realized that the cop in question was Jamie as she found his card in her bag.

At the precinct, Jamie gave his statement and refused to listen to Danny’s plea to stay on desk duty for a while. Sergeant Gormley (Robert Clohessy), who was now Frank’s right hand, told him about the situation. However, Frank refused to force Jamie to do anything he did not want, as he respected Jamie’s decision about what to do about the situation, the same way he did for any other cop.

Meanwhile, Baez was able to talk to Tina’s roommate, who told her that Tina had been arguing with her boyfriend, Little G, who recently worked as a security at a club. However, they discovered that he had not killed Tina. He had broken up with Tina a week ago because she would not let him take care of her stalker ex-boyfriend, and he had threatened to kill him. The ex-boyfriend had told Tina that nobody else could have her.

That same night, as Jamie and his partner, Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) went on patrol, they were blocked by a couple of cars. However, this turned out to be a set up as someone took the opportunity to throw a Molotov cocktail into Jamie’s patrol car. Because of this, Jamie decided to take things seriously and allowed the police to put new locks in his apartment.

At Erin’s house, Erin confronted her daughter about the offensive tweet she had posted on Twitter. This put Nikki into trouble, as that tweet had caused Rutgers not to accept her.

Meanwhile, at the fundraiser, Henry and a friend talked over drinks. Henry mentioned that if Jamie’s situation had been handled the "old school way," Jamie would already be safe by now. Henry was pertaining to they way of "rounding up people in order to get them to talk in order to take care of the person who had threatened a cop." However, Henry was unaware that a waiter had recorded the entire thing and then posted it on the internet, where it went viral.

The next morning, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) confronted Frank about this. As Frank refused to comment or do anything about it, Garrett confronted Henry and told him off. Garrett said that he should have been more careful of what he said out in public.

Meanwhile, at the precinct, Danny realized that they could probably lift the perpetrator’s fingerprints off of Jamie’s calling card. They were able to identify him as Russell Price, an entrepreneur who started his own car service and application called Gotham Go. He was then brought into the interrogation after assaulting Baez.

At interrogation, he told them that he loved Tina, and he would have never hurt her. He taunted Danny as he knew that Jamie was the cop who tried to help Tina. He knew that Jamie was Danny’s younger brother. He also told them that they did not have enough on him to go to trial and that “people who care about people get hurt the most.”

Meanwhile, at Blessed Heart, Nikki apologized to her teacher for what she had tweeted about her. However, it turned out that the teacher, Mrs. Wilson, also expected Erin to apologize for her daughter’s behavior. As she did not do so, later that day, Mrs. Wilson changed the topic to social media, so that she could have an excuse to bully Nikki by mentioning the video of her great grandfather. This caused her to retweet what her grandfather had said in retaliation.

Both Jamie and Eddie went to the precinct in order to see if they could identify the guy who had thrown the Molotov cocktail at them. However, they could not really identify who had done it as it had been too dark. However, the officers in charge had accidentally brought out those in the line-up the wrong way and crossed paths with Danny, Jamie and Edie. When that happened, Russell “eyeballed” Jamie, but as he had not been identified in the line-up, it was too late. However, Eddie tried to throw herself at Russell and told him that if he wanted to go after Jamie, he would have to go through her.

Erin was able to bring the case to court, as they were able to lift Russell’s fingerprint from the glass bottle that had been used to make the Molotov cocktail, but the judge let him go free, as she was influenced by what Henry and Nikki had posted on social media and because of the fact that the charges being brought up against Russell had to do with him going against her loved ones.

Meanwhile, Henry was annoyed at the fact that Frank had sent Garrett to talk to him. Frank then reassured him that Garrett “wasn’t speaking” for him but agreed with the fact that he was “out of line.” Frank then told him that he could not really do things that Henry would have done as times had changed.

During their usual Sunday dinner, Jamie harped on the fact that Danny did not think that he could look out for himself as he was being too overprotective of him for the duration of their case. Henry then told Jamie that he was lucky, as he had “family on his case and he had gotten Garrett as “a second stringer.” Frank then reminded him that he should be setting a good example for Nikki and the younger ones. According to Frank, he could not just say anything in public as his opinion still mattered for being a former Police Commissioner. Then finally, he told him that he loved him. At this, Nikki and Erin looked at each other, while Danny and Jamie looked at each other as well.

The next day, Danny called Jamie up as he and Baez had decided to turn the tables on Russell once and for all. Jamie then told him that he wanted in and told Danny to wait for Eddie, who he had just been talking to. He then told Danny that Eddie was at the dry cleaners, but that the line had suddenly gone dead. Danny then realized that Russell had gone after Eddie, as he had mentioned earlier that “people who care about people get hurt the most.”

Sure enough, Russell had abducted Eddie, whom he had thrown at his backseat. Just as he neared his garage, both Jamie and Danny rammed their cars into Russell’s car. They were then able to rescue Eddie, who was not hurt at all, and they were able to finally arrest Russell for abducting a police officer.

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