Blue Bloods Recap: Love Stories

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Blue Bloods Recap: Love Stories
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 13 “Love Stories” aired last Friday, Jan. 30, 2015, at 10 PM on CBS. In this episode, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) investigated a murder in which extramarital relationships led to the death of a known hit man. Because of this and because his son, Jack (Tony Terraciano), went on a date in an ice-skating rink, he remembered how much he loved his wife and gave her an extra special treat. Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) retried a case after questioning herself and her dedication to the truth after an attorney and the son of someone she had put away a long time ago opened the case for retrial. Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) was placed in a difficult position after Special Assistant to the Commissioner Sergeant Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) placed Danny’s name on the list for candidates for the Medal for Valor for that year. Read on to learn more about this episode.

After noticing that a man broke into his house, the home owner, Nicolas Bianco, shot the would-be burglar to his death.

Later that morning, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), who was making breakfast for his sons, noticed that a certain girl named Charlotte had texted his oldest son, Jack (Tony Terraciano), 12 times. Jack then admitted that he wanted to ask Charlotte out on a date but was afraid of being rejected. After informing his wife, Linda (Amy Carlson), of the new development in Jack’s life, Danny realized that Linda had known about it before he did. He then asked her to bring the boys to school instead of him as he got called to work early.

At the Police Commissioner’s office, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) got the answers that he needed from Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). However, Frank wondered to Special Assistant to the Commissioner Sergeant Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) as to why he had not been told that Danny’s name had been placed as one of the candidates for that year’s Medal for Valor as he knew that Danny and Lieutenant Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson-Jackson) had gotten off on a “rocky start.” Afterwards, he stared at the list again as he was bothered by it.

While at the crime scene, they learned from Nicolas Bianco that he had a lot of enemies. Because of this, he agreed to go with them to the precinct.

At the office, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Reagan) was confronted by a young Public Defender, Justin Taylor, who told her that he had submitted a “440 motion for the retrial of Suzanne Taylor,” whom Erin had put away 12 years ago for the murder of a convenience store clerk. He argued that Suzanne was innocent and that he knew it because Suzanne was his mother.

At the precinct, Danny learned from Bianco that the number one person that he could think of who would want to kill him would be Anton Petrov, a Russian who had just opened a cement company rivalling his own. He then revealed to them that Petrov had threatened to physically assault him in order to get his clients back to him.

Meanwhile, at the Police Commissioner’s office, Gormley admitted to Frank that he was the one who had put up Danny and Maria’s names up for the Medal for Valor. He had put their names up on the list for their commitment and courageousness on the job. However, Frank remained stubborn and decided not to approve them for the Medal for Valor. Before he left, Gormley reminded him that his children should not be punished just because people would think that he was playing favorites by doing so.

Meanwhile, Maria and Danny learned that Anton Petrov had nothing to do with hiring anyone to kill or hurt Bianco and claimed that he did not know who the victim was. Afterwards, Maria informed Danny that the victim had been identified as Bruce Epstein, who was wanted for several crimes, including attempted murder, but had gotten off scot-free for the last charge as the victim in that case had refused to testify. After talking to Victor Flores, the victim who had refused to testify, they learned that Bruce was a hit man for the mob.

Meanwhile, at the office, Erin and their investigator, Alex, went over Suzanne’s case. After looking at it, they discovered that their prime witness was a crack head and had been used by the same sloppy detective several times over, which meant that the case in itself, and other cases with that witness, could be tainted.

In court, Justin confidently proved to the court that the witness, Ms. Thompson, was an unreliable witness.

Later that day, at home, former Police Commissioner Henry Reagan (Len Cariou) noticed that something was wrong with Frank. After stating the case to his father, Henry reassured him that Danny would understand why Frank would not give him a Medal for Valor. He then reminded his father that he had never been given a medal and asked him if he ever regretted that decision. Henry then replied that he had regretted not giving him a medal for one instance in 1988, but Frank reassured him that he never regretted that. Because of this, they both agreed that Danny wouldn’t either.

Meanwhile, after Bianco’s wife cooperated with them, Danny and Maria learned that Bianco had cheated on his wife with a waitress, after learning that she had an affair with their landscaper.

Later that night, at home, Danny learned from Jack that Charlotte had agreed to go out with him, and Danny approved of Jack’s plan to bring Charlotte out ice skating.

The next day, Frank went to Garrett who told him to pretend that Danny’s last name wasn’t Reagan and gave him some food for thought to think about regarding the matter of family legacy. Later on that day, after Danny brought over some food for that Sunday’s dinner, Danny informed his father that he knew that Frank would never give him the Medal for Valor and that he didn’t need it. His father then reassured him that he was proud of him.

The next day, Danny discovered that the Organized Crime Unit had a wire on Bianco. After talking with the Organized Crime Unit regarding Bianco and Bruce Epstein, they learned that Epstein was a hit man for the Romano family and that he told his girlfriend everything. Then he got her work address in order to ask her if she knew anything about the hit against Bianco.

At the District Attorney’s office, Erin ordered Alex to have a cigarette butt that to be tested. She then revealed that the case was disturbing her because she was a lover of the truth. However, after the DNA results came back, she confronted Suzanne in prison about it, because, as it turned out, the cigarette that had been found inside the store had been hers. She then suggested that she tell the truth to her son, to whom she had been lying to for years because one way or another, the truth was going to come out. However, Suzanne refused to admit to Justin that she had been high on coke that night and that she had been so in love to the point that she was willing to watch her boyfriend kill a 17-year-old store clerk.

Erin then paid a visit to Justin, who felt betrayed after learning about the DNA results, as he felt that his whole life had been a lie. He then told her that he had rescinded his motion and that he had felt like a fool. However, Erin reassured him that his mother was indeed proud of him and told him that he had shaken her confidence, which was saying something because she was a good lawyer. Before she left him, she gave him her card and told him that if ever he wanted to work for the other side, he’d just call her, because they needed young lawyers like him.

Maria and Danny tracked down Valerie Trainor, Epstein’s fiancée, who informed them that Bianco himself had ordered the hit and that the target was Anna, the wife. After confronting him in interrogation, Danny learned that Bianco had tried to cancel the hit, but as it was too late, he had waited for Epstein to come and killed him, hoping that the fact that he had acted in self-defense would let him off the hook.

Afterwards, Linda and Danny watched as Jack and Charlotte went on a date. Danny then surprised Linda with some special chocolate orange treats that they used to have when they were starting to date.

The next day, Frank gave both Maria and Danny Medals for Valor. Later, during Sunday dinner, Henry gave the speech that he was supposed to make years ago, and Danny handed over his medal to his father, in long overdue recognition. Because of this, Frank decided to say grace for that particular meal.

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