Blue Bloods Recap: Partners

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Blue Bloods Recap: Partners
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 1 “Partners” aired on Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, New York Police Commissioner Francis Reagan (Tom Selleck) dealt with the aftermath of an incident in which a man, who was stun gunned as he was disturbing the peace, got hit by a truck. His eldest son, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), was involved in a routine DEA drugs transport, which turned out to be an ambush. In the process of recovering the stolen drugs, both Danny and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), uncover the truth about Maria’s brother, Javi, which later on had fatal consequences. Meanwhile, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) deliberated whether he had feelings for his partner, Edie Jenko (Vanessa Ray) or not.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Lieutenant McCarthy was trying to calm down a man named Mr. Stapleton, who was creating a public scene. As he would not calm down, he ordered one of his men to stun Mr. Stapleton. However, right after he was stunned, he fell off the trash can he was standing on and got fatally hit by an oncoming truck.

Jamie Reagan and his partner, Edie Jenko, discussed the fact that in a few days, she would officially be a cop, and she started to make plans for them to go out and celebrate. However, while settling a domestic dispute, things did not go as planned, as the guy in that dispute knocked Edie to the ground. To this, Jamie responded by hitting him a little more than necessary.

Meanwhile, Donnie Reagan and his partner, Maria Baez, put in some overtime to escort an unmarked DEA van full of drugs during their transport. Maria had asked if she could drive the car, which Danny refused. Along the way, the truck suddenly stopped, and a car rammed into Donnie and Maria. Donnie sustained minimal injuries, while Maria was injured on her head and in her arm.

They were ambushed, and Donnie tried to hold on to the truck before it disappeared, but he was not able to hold on to it for a long time.

Because of the incident that morning, the Mayor and Frank had to come out with a statement for the press. As Frank knew that Lieutenant McCarthy was going to receive a lot of bad publicity from the press, he told the Mayor that he would not talk to McCarthy if the Mayor would not leave McCarthy out to dry for the press, especially as he already might be charged by the District Attorney of criminal negligent homicide. Frank only told the press that McCarthy was currently on modified assignment, and the Mayor told the press that city apologizes for the death of Mr. Stapleton, thus fulfilling his agreement with the mayor that he would not talk so much about the case.

Donnie visited Maria at the hospital and apologized, as it should have been him who was at the passenger seat. Maria was lucky, however, to get out of the hospital with just a cast for her hand. Donnie apologized, but Maria told him that he was not truly sorry, as he always does things without consulting her. Donnie was surprised as she had never voiced her feelings about the matter before.

Meanwhile, Edie confronted Jamie about the domestic dispute incident and told him that she was upset as she could have handled herself. However, their little chat was interrupted when their sergeant called Jamie in. He asked Jamie if he had feelings for his partner, which Jamie denied. His sergeant told him that his behavior seemed a little too much for just defending a partner and that he had acted like a boyfriend defending his girlfriend. He was then told to take some time off to figure out whether he did have romantic feelings for Edie or not. If he did, then his sergeant would make sure that they would not be partners anymore.

Later on, he consulted his older sister Erin Reagan (Bridget Monayhan) about the matter. He told her about the domestic and how he had defended Edie, and when asked about her, he called her a pain, opinionated and someone who always tries to make plans for him without consulting him. Erin then informed him that he does have feelings for Edie, as after their shift, instead of getting some space from each other, they would go out and spend more time with each other, which, according to Erin, is something special already.

At the precinct, both Donnie and his sergeant, Sergeant Gormley, are hot headed and impatient. Because of this, the sergeant told Donnie to do whatever it took to get back that truck and told him that he was a good cop, even if he had burned through so many partners already.

Luckily, Donnie received a phone call saying that the truck had been found. Susan Martinez, the DEA lab technician who was driving the van, was kidnapped during the ambush was found dead, and all the boxes in the truck were gone.

While Donnie investigated the truck that had been found, Sergeant Gormley decided to speak with Frank. He told him that McCarthy and him were partners before and that McCarthy was a good cop and did not deserve to be hounded and torn apart by the media. He also went a little bit out of line by telling Frank that he did not give the media perspective — the perspective of the police officers who were there. He also told him that the truth was not truly revealed to the media.

To Donnie’s surprise, Maria came back to work in order to help out with the investigation, even if she was supposed to be on sick leave. They were able to obtain a print from the truck. It belonged to Ramon Sanchez, who was affiliated with the Matanoche gang. According to his file, there was an outstanding warrant out for him. The pair also discovered that there was only one person whom the two of them knew well who could probably help them out — Javi Baez, Maria’s brother, who was once arrested alongside Ramon before.

They brought Javi into interrogation, where Maria furiously tried to get him to tell them about what he knew. As things came to a head, he finally revealed that he was a criminal informant for the DEA. He had hoped that Maria would be proud of him, but she still did not relent and had mixed feelings about the matter. He told them that he knew that Ramon had planned to steal back the drugs that were confiscated from him before, but Javi did not know that they had planned to ambush the DEA truck. He also revealed that there was a mole within the DEA itself.

Despite being warned that they could not speak to each other, Frank had invited McCarthy to his house to ask him a question. He asked how McCarthy was holding up and asked him if he would have done anything different if he was given a second chance. To this, McCarthy answered that he would have.

At Sunday dinner, despite Frank’s request not to “talk shop,” the family could not help but discuss the matters at hand. The family patriarch, Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), told them that McCarthy did not deserve the treatment the media was currently giving him. Erin told them that because of the lack of anticipation, McCarthy could be charged with criminal negligence homicide. This led to an argument on the table, as Danny defended his fellow cop because he had heard that McCarthy was a good cop. Frank told them that Sergeant Gormley had told him so, as Gormley and McCarthy were partners before. Jamie then said that he would say the same of his partner, at which Danny started to tease him about his partner. Annoyed, Jamie retorted that Danny had already burned through so many partners already. The argument was broken up when Henry noticed that something was amiss with Frank. Frank then revealed that McCarthy had a car accident, as he had driven while he was drunk, and he was in bad shape.

After dinner, Erin reassured him that it was not his fault. However, he told her that he felt bad as he should have done something during the press conference, as once upon a time, he would have stood up for his fellow officer.

The next day, Sergeant Gormley revealed to Danny that he was worried that he was going to be transferred, as he was out of line when he spoke to Frank.

While they were there, Maria came in worried and told Frank that Javi was gone. He had called her up saying that “they were on to him,” and then he had hung up. Upon further investigation, the pair realized that the mole within the DEA was the civilian secretary, Dolores Matone, as she had also posted bail for a member of the Matanoche a year ago.

They then decided to call her up to tell her that the DEA was starting to move in order to conduct a raid. Afterwards, she called up Ramon and told them to leave. Thanks to this, they were able to raid Ramon’s headquarters, an auto body repair shop in South Bronx. As they were chasing down the Matanoche members, Maria ran into her brother, who told her that he was just trying to help her. However, Ramon, who was being chased by Danny, ran into view. As he was about to shoot Maria, Javi protected her by standing in the line of fire, causing him to get shot. In retaliation, Maria shot Ramon. However, the shots proved to be fatal as Javi died.

A little while later, she revealed to Danny that Javi was “playing both sides.” Because of this, she did not know what to tell her mother. Danny then suggested to tell her mother that Javi had died protecting her and suggested that he come along when she told her mother the news. This prompted Maria to tell him that among everyone she knew, Danny was the only one she could truly trust and the only one who has never let him down.

Jamie, on the other hand, got his feelings all straightened out and told his boss that he had no romantic feelings for his partner. After their shift, Edie tried to invite Jamie to go with them for her celebration, as she was finally a cop, but he cancelled on her. She then asked him “how she looks like now,” to which he only told her to get going as she was going to be late.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Gormley got called to Frank’s office. Gormley thought that he was getting transferred, so he apologized and begged not to be transferred. However, Frank thanked him for being the only honest person to tell him what he was missing and apologized about what had happened to McCarthy.

Frank then held another press conference in which he informed the audience that police officers had to make split second decisions every day and that their main objective is always to keep the peace. However, he told them that it would be nice, if from time to time, police officers get acknowledged for the work that they do, considering their circumstances and conditions. In this way, Frank was able to put the truth out there, just as Gormley had suggested.

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