Blue Bloods Recap: Power of the Press

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Power of the Press
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 8 “Power of the Press” aired on Friday, Nov. 21, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, as the United States Marshalls went back on their word to place Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlbeg) and Detective Maria Baez’s (Marisa Ramirez) confidential informant in the Witness Protection Program as promised, they then decided to take matters into their own hands to honor that promise. Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) took on Hudson Unversity after learning that the school did nothing to help out freshman student Hannah Lancaster (Alexandra Socha) after she was raped by a fellow student on campus. While this happened, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) tried to clear a police officer’s name after an incident occurred in a neighborhood where the police were not trusted at all. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened at court, where Javier Roxas (Jason Manuel Olazabal), Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Detective Maria Baez’s (Marisa Ramirez) confidential informant, testified that a known drug dealer, Orlanda Vega, had given the order to murder six people. Vega had been arrested by the government as part of a Joint Task Force Operation with the New York Police Department. Vega threatened to kill Javier, but he was able to rest easy as he was being placed into the Witness Protection Program as part of the deal he had made. However, both detectives refused to be interviewed by a reporter they knew.

Meanwhile, at the 14th floor, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) and Special Assistant to the Police Commissioner Sergeant Gormley (Robert Clohessy) reviewed the body camera footage of Officer Reggie Taylor, whose body camera had gone off, which did not show them whether he had really assaulted the suspect, James Prince, or not, as he had claimed. He then told them that he wouldn’t hold a press conference until they knew what exactly had happened.

At the District Attorney’s office, Hannah Lancaster (Alexandra Socha), the former schoolmate of Nikki Reagan (Sami Gayle), the daughter of Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridgent Moynahan) showed up at her office and told her that she had been raped at a party after having some drinks three months ago during her freshman orientation at Hudson University. Erin then decided to help her out as the university did nothing to help her out, and the disciplinary hearing that had followed was nothing but a farce, as Darren Bentley, the boy who had raped her, had gone unpunished.  

The next day, Danny was surprised when Javier approached him outside of precinct. Javier then told him that United States Marshall Vaughn Morgan (Mike Pniewski) had told him that the lawyers and the government did not uphold the deal that they had made with him and refused to give him protection.  Danny then decided to handcuff him and brought him to an apartment where he would be safe in the meantime.

At the Commissioner’s office, Frank was informed that there was going to be a rally where Prince had been hurt. Gormley then told Frank that the president of their union wanted Frank to speak up and stand up for his fellow police officer. Frank then told them that he was only in favor for a thorough investigation of the incident and told Gormley to tell the union president that if they wanted him to stand up for Officer Taylor, they should give him the evidence they needed to prove that Taylor was innocent.

At Hudson Univeristy, Erin met with the Dean of Student Affairs, Janet Walters, and the school’s lawyer, Matt Douglas, in order to discuss Hannah’s case. She told them that she was going to conduct a thorough investigation on the incident and the way that the matter was treated by the school. She then gave them a subpoena and told them to hand in all of the materials regarding Hannah’s case to her.  

At the United States Marshall’s office, Danny was surprised at the fact that Morgan was all right with not honoring the deal that they had promised Javier, as Javier was a criminal as well. Because of this, both Danny and Maria complained to Lt. Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson Jackson), as they believed that they should find a way to honor their promise to Javier. However, since it was a federal matter, Carver told them to turn Javier loose. Javier was understandably angry after learning about this, but Danny told him that they would still honor their deal and told Maria that they would do everything it took to honor their word to Javier.

Meanwhile, Frank met up with Officer Taylor, who told him what had happened during the incident. He said that he had asked James Prince to calm down, as he was harassing a man inside a parked car who had owed him some money. However, as Prince did not calm down, he went to subdue him. Prince then responded by punching him in the gut, which prompted Taylor to arrest him. Somewhere along the way, Prince had sustained a head fracture, which was currently being treated at a nearby hospital.

At Erin’s office, Erin informed Hannah that Darren had hired a lawyer and that he was sticking by his story. She then reassured her that she would inform her right away on any future developments, as she had an investigator on campus helping them out. She then told Hannah that she was glad that Hannah had finally told her mother about what had happened.

At Hudson University, Erin met up with a friend of the Reagan’s, who now worked at Hudson University. He then told her that Dean Walters had called him and told him to collect all physical evidence from Hannah’s dorm room, which included the torn skirt that Hannah had kept from the night of the rape. He then had given it to the dean, thinking that she would turn it over right away to the police.

As Danny and Maria went to Javier’s apartment to give him some dinner, they saved him from some of Vega’s thugs who tried to kill him. They then brought him to a room within the precinct, as that was the safest place that they could think of to bring him. After Carver saw him there, both Maria and Danny were instructed to get rid of Javier that night and were told to be at her office first thing Monday morning.

During the family Sunday dinner, Frank told his family that what he didn’t like about the pilot program of officers wearing body cameras is the fact that most people would rather trust digital recordings rather than a man’s word and that it did not seem that the cameras were helping the police gain the trust of the people, especially as people assumed that the police would turn off the cameras in order to hide what they do to enforce the law. Later that night, while they were washing dishes, Erin told Nikki about Hannah’s plight and concluded that the lesson to be learned there was the fact that “the only one who can keep you safe is you.”

The next day, Garrett informed Frank that the manufacturer of the camera had discovered that the camera that Taylor had been using had malfunctioned. However, Frank told them that it was not good enough because for him, the goal was to clear Tyalor’s name and to gain the people’s trust once again, especially in that particular neighborhood whose residents did not trust the police at all. What he wanted was to find a way to get any kind of footage that would help shed light on the entire incident. Based on the body camera footage, he had noticed that a woman named Desiree Jones seemed to have recorded the entire thing. However, Gormley revealed that they had interviewed her, and she told them that she had not been recording the incident but had been talking to someone on the phone.

At the District Attorney’s office, Robert McCoy (Holt McCallany) asked Erin indirectly if she wanted to go with him to the Mayor’s reception for the Attorney General. Afterwards, Erin told him that she had finally gotten the torn skirt from Dean Walters, who had apologized for not giving the skirt right away as she had misplaced it. He also found it amazing that the skirt, when presented into evidence at the disciplinary hearing, had been deemed irrelevant to the case.  Robert then made her realize that objectively speaking, because of the withheld evidence and because no police report had been filed, this wasn’t the kind of case that one would bring to court. She then came up with an idea so that someone would be held responsible, which would only work if he signed on it.

Outside the precinct, Danny informed Maria that Javier was going to be on his way to Scranton in an hour on a bus. He then apologized to Maria for dragging her into helping him out, but she insisted that she had also wanted to help Javier. After they were stopped by Andre, the reporter, Danny came up with a brilliant idea that would be able to help them get Javier back into the Witness Protection Program. They then threatened Morgan that their reporter friend would run the story on how the US Marshalls went back on their duty to protect a witness if he didn’t get Javier back into the program. At that moment, he received a call from his boss, who had been called up by the Chief of Detectives, who had threatened to remove all NYPD personnel from the task force if they didn’t place Javier into Witness Protection. Because of this, Morgan placed Javier back into the program.

At the precinct, Maria and Danny thanked Carver for what she had done. However, she told them that she had done it to uphold the fact that the detectives, and the officers of her squad honored their word and promises to their confidential informants. She then told them that as punishment, they would be the last to choose on tours and vacation schedules for the next six months and that for the next six months, they would also have to make sure that all squad vehicles were gassed and washed.

Meanwhile, Frank paid Desiree Jones a visit. She was reluctant to cooperate at first, but after learning that Officer Taylor actually lived a few blocks away, she decided to cooperate by sending them the video as an email attachment. They then played the footage from her phone at the press conference that they later on held. In the footage, the press learned that it was James Prince who had first struck Officer Taylor and that he was going to face charges which would be brought to court.

Meanwhile, Erin, who could not arrest Darren Bentley as the school had been it impossible for her to do so, arrested Dean Walters for hindering prosecution as she had withheld evidence from her. She then told them that thanks to this, “people will know what passes for justice on this campus.” Outside, Hannah mouthed a silent thank you to Erin for seeing that she was able to have justice for what had happened to her.  

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