Blue Bloods Recap: Shoot the Messenger

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Shoot the Messenger
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Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 7 “The Power of the Press” aired last Nov. 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) was caught off guard when the new interim Manhattan District Attorney Robert McCoy (Colt McCallany) announced on national television that he was suddenly going to change a major law enforcement policy. Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) dealt with his new commanding officer, Lieutenant Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson Jackson), who partnered up with him for the day. Meanwhile, Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Edit Jenko (Vanessa Ray) took it upon themselves to discover the truth behind an apparent suicide. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in CBS studios. Both Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and the new interim Manhattan District Attorney Robert McCoy (Colt McCallany) were guests on the CBS news show, “CBS This Morning.” McCoy announced on national television that he was going to change policy by instructing his assistant district attorneys not to prosecute “quality of life” crimes such as possession of marijuana anymore, even if they had been arrested by the police. This did not sit well with Frank as he believed that all crimes should be prosecuted. Behind the scenes, Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara), the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, became upset with his counterpart. They had not given them a heads up about what McCoy was going to say on the talk show. Frank’s daughter, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), watched the interview from her apartment.  

At the 54th Precinct, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) was shocked to discover that Lieutenant Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson Jackson) was going to ride with him for the current tour instead of his partner, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez). She made it a point to ride with each of her detectives for “at least one tour” so that she would be able to get to know them better.

Meanwhile, Officer Edit Jenko (Vanessa Ray) and Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) answered a call for a possible crime. On their way there, Jenko told Jamie that the guy that she had been seeing had dumped her via text because she was demanding. However, they stopped immediately. It was when they realized that they had responded to a woman who looked as if she committed a suicide by hanging herself with her scarf on a metal fence. They informed the detective in charge, Detective Welby, that there had been no witnesses to the crime. The detective ruled it as a suicide and discovered that the girl, who was from Brooklyn, was named Rose Davis. They were then instructed to notify the next of kin as everyone knew that he never did notifications.

Back at the Police Commissioners Office, Frank told Garrett off. He should have known about the policy change announcement that McCoy had sprung on them during the interview. Meanwhile, at the District Attorney’s Office, Erin told McCoy that he should not have suddenly announced his policy changes on national television without giving the Police Commissioner a heads up. It did not matter if they would have time to craft an appropriate response for the “heads up” if given. He was no longer in court, but as a District Attorney whatever he said reflected upon the entire office. She also told him that he should have discussed it with everyone in the office first. McCoy thought that she was being hostile to him because the Police Commissioner was her father, but Erin told him that he had presented it the wrong way.

As Jenko and Jamie walked away from Rose Davis’ after notifying her mother about her death, Rose’s grandmother stopped them. She believed that Rose had been killed because she knew that Rose would have never done something like that. Aside from that, Rose had gotten them tickets to see Wicked that weekend. She also informed them that there was a man who had been threatening her recently. Because of this, Jenko and Jamie brought the matter up to Detective Welby, who dismissed it, as he had other cases to finish up. So the two decided to take matters into their own hands and started to investigate Rose’s death.  

Meanwhile, Danny, who was already annoyed at being a passenger in the car, got even more annoyed when Carver asked him why he had become a cop. To this, he asked her what the “Dee” in the “Dee Ann” stood for in her name. However, their conversation was interrupted as they heard some gunshots nearby. Danny discovered two men on the ground, shot to death, and a third one, who had been shot in the leg, who told them that the shooting had been a drive-by shooting. Danny then ran over to a woman who was lying on the ground, with a bullet in her neck. She then worried about her baby, whom Danny discovered on the ground, as the baby’s stroller had turned over. However, the mother, Lorena, did not make it.

Later that night, Erin dropped by her father’s house to inform him that even the Assistant District Attorneys did not know about the policy change that their boss had just sprung on him. After Erin told him that there had been bad judgment on both sides, Frank realized that Erin was going out with McCoy. However, Erin told him that they used to go out and that it had no bearing on the current situation.

Back at the 54th Precinct, Carver called Danny off the third man they had seen at the shootout. He also persuaded him to give them some names so that they could try to convince the District Attorney to drop the more serious charge against him. He told them that the entire incident was due to bad blood between two local dealers named Ramos and Avecedo. However, he was deeply affected after he learned that Lorena had died.

Afterward, Danny complained to Carver, as he could have gotten the names out of the guy without being too lenient. However, Carver saw this as the reason why his file had been full of complaints as he had a reputation for being difficult. However, Danny told her that he had also read her file and knew that she was also difficult.

Meanwhile, Jenko and Jamie paid a visit to Rose’s boyfriend, who told them that he had been DJ-ing in the village that weekend. He also informed them that he would have never have hurt Rose. He also told them that the only fight they ever had was due to the fact that he wanted her to quit bartending as her boss, Christiano, harassed her. They then discovered that she had resigned the day before she had died.

Meanwhile, Danny was able to corner Avecedo, after getting bitten by Avecedo’s dog. He then discovered that Ramos wanted Lorena and the baby killed as she had been his girlfriend but had a baby with someone else. Because of this, Danny reasoned that the baby would be better off with foster parents instead of his real parents. However, Carver told him that he did not know that that would be true. She then revealed to Danny that she always stuck to the rules and supported anyone who stuck to the rules and was not afraid of lodging complaints against any cop that did not play by the rules.   

At the bar where Rose worked, Jenko and Jamie discovered that Christiano had been last seen the day of Rose’s murder. According to Rose’s co-worker, Rose had been very upset the day that she had resigned as Christiano had raped her.

During Sunday dinner, Frank told Danny, who had been complaining about Carver, that she was a good and tough cop, unlike McCoy, who was a “ballbuster.” However, Erin defended McCoy by telling him that McCoy had just been voicing a different point of view. Frank then clarified that McCoy’s new policy was not good, as small crimes would not be prosecuted anymore. If small crimes, such as possessing drugs were not prosecuted and if those crimes were simply ignored, then those small crimes could lead to even bigger ones, and the problem would become worse. However, when Frank told them that McCoy had been grandstanding, Erin told him that since McCoy was new to these things, that he should be allowed a learning curve.

At the 54th Precinct, Carver had discovered a recorded telephone conversation between Ramos and one of his lieutenants, in which he instructed them to kill Lorena and the baby. Danny then informed her that based on the DNA test they had taken, they had discovered that the baby’s father was Rudy Williams, the same man that they had brought in earlier. Before they left for Rudy’s apartment, Danny informed Carver that he had decided to put in for a transfer, as she had written him up for not being clean shaven because he would never change his methods in order to suit her.

At the Police Commissioners Office, Garrett informed Frank that he had come across the transcript of McCoy’s speech for the press conference that afternoon, and that in it, he had apologized for what he had done on national television. It had been disrespectful to him and asked for some understanding as he was indeed new to the job. Because of this, Frank asked Garrett, if, hypothetically speaking, that the fact that surprises like that unnerved and irritated him meant that he should resign. Garrett then told him that maybe it did mean that he should. Because of this, he asked Garrett to arrange a private meeting with McCoy.

At Rudy’s apartment, they found that he was planning on killing himself. He believed that his daughter would never get a good life with him. Before they could stop him, he blew his brains out.

Meanwhile, Rose’s grandmother thanked Jenko and Jamie for finding out the truth. She gave them the Wicked tickets that Rose had bought for her and her grandmother to them in gratitude. It turned out that Christiano had killed Rose. He made it seem like a suicide as he had been afraid that Rose was going to tell the cops that he had raped her.

As the two walked away, Jamie, grabbed Jenko’s phone and told Pete that the relationship was over.

Before heading back to the precinct, Danny decided to check on the baby, whose name was Joy. There, much to his surprise, he discovered that Carver had started the paperwork necessary to adopt baby Joy. Back at the precinct, Danny revealed to Carver that he had decided to become a cop as he had been sick and tired of hearing his father and grandfather telling him their cop stories, and he had wanted to create his own cop stories. Because of this, Carver told him that the “Dee” in her name meant “delightful.” Danny then told her that he was not going to transfer anymore and that he would drive her crazy, to the point that she herself would transfer. However, she told him that she would not back down easily, which was another trait the two had in common.

At the harbor, Frank joined Erin in fishing. Erin told him that she knew that he had met McCoy and that he, McCoy, was a good man and was just trying to make amends. Despite that, Frank still claimed that he did not like McCoy. Erin then learned that one of the only people who lived up to his expectations was her.

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