Blue Bloods Recap: Under the Gun

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Under the Gun
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“Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 9 “Under the Gun“ aired last Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) investigated her own department after learning that someone had deliberately jeopardized her case by switching a gun that was submitted into evidence. Meanwhile, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), his partner, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and the rest of the force investigated a case in which a lone motorcyclist shot around three prominent Jews to death, which caused Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and the New York Jewish leaders to clash regarding their opinion on how much protection they needed. Meanwhile, Danny and his wife, Linda (Amy Carlson), fought after she got mugged at a housing project while on shift, prompting her to buy a gun. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arriving on the scene of a shooting. According to the first responder, the victim, whom Danny recognized as Judge Hermann Kleiner, had been coming out of the synagogue when he had been shot by a motorcyclist. According to the witness, the synagogue’s rabbi had just come from their executive meeting and was sharing a cigar before their walk when the shooter, a male, came up, called the judge’s full name and then shot him dead.

The next morning, at the courthouse, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) asked her witness, the detective who vouchered a gun that was submitted into evidence, to identify whether that gun was the gun the defendant, Mr. Winslow Martin, used to shoot a man. However, Erin was surprised, as the detective told her that it wasn’t the gun that he had vouchered, as he did not see the initials which he had scratched on the frame as per procedure.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) and Special Assistant to the Police Commissioner Sergeant Gormley (Robert Clohessy) informed Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) that the motorcycle shooter had struck again, and this time, had killed a lawyer named Joshua Greenwald.  Just like the judge, Greenwald was a public figure, Jewish and was shot after the motorcyclist called out his full name.

Later that night, while Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson), Danny’s wife, was on shift at the Jefferson Projects with the mobile clinic of her hospital, she was mugged by a teenager who was idling by near the area. He held a knife to her neck and took her grandmother’s silver necklace. However, he ran away after she screamed at him after he had asked for her wedding ring. After he had left, she told the doctor in charge to call 911.

At the judge’s office, Maria and Danny got several files prepared by the judge’s clerk, Leon Bendix, which contained cases wherein the defendants might pose a threat to the judge.

The next morning, even while Erin was hard at work, she still managed to inquire how her trial preparation assistant, Olivia Gordon, was doing as her LSAT results were coming in soon. After she handed in the personnel folder on Detective Hardy, the detective who had vouchered the gun, she let Detective Walker (Douglas Schneider) in. As they talked, Erin realized that there were only two ways that the gun could have been switched — either Detective Hardy himself switched it or someone from this office switched it out. Walker then decided to take a look at the swipe records for the vault, and Erin told him to take a look at Hardy’s financials as well, just in case. She then reminded him that they needed to find the gun before Monday, and that if they had no gun, there would be no case at all.

At the 14th floor, Donald Stein (Victor Garber), a longtime friend of Frank’s and one of the leaders of the Jewish community in the city, came to visit him regarding the recent shootings. He told Frank that he wanted him to acknowledge that what was happening was a hate crime and asked him to put special details outside their synagogues. However, Frank told him that he couldn’t do either of those things as there was no evidence that it was a hate crime and reassured him that all of his best detectives were on it.

Later that night, after Danny learned that Linda had been mugged, he got even more surprised to learn that she does a shift at the Jefferson Projects every week. Much to Linda’s surprise, he forbade her from going back there, as there was no security detail looking after them. This made her upset as she couldn’t understand why Danny was able to put his life out on the line, and she couldn’t. He then countered by telling her that he always carried a gun. They were then interrupted by Maria, who told Danny that another victim, a Doctor Feinburg, had been shot that night, with the same modus operandi as the motorcycle shooter.

The next morning, Walker informed Erin that he had found nothing on Hardy but had discovered that someone had swiped her access card twice. As Erin only swiped once to retrieve the evidence before the trial, she realized that anyone in her office could have done it, as she left her access card either on her table or inside her bag. Erin then decided to smoke out the culprit by having Walker put out a rumor that they were able to get DNA samples from the bags and that they would be swabbing everyone in the office the next day. Whoever did not show up for work the next day would be their culprit.

Meanwhile, while they were on tour, Maria noticed that Danny kept on fiddling with his phone. He then told Maria what had happened and that he and Linda had fought with each other as he was being a little overprotective.

At the precinct, Linda used the Commissioner’s Courtesy Card that she had, as they were family, in order to quickly process her license and permit to carry a gun. Afterwards, at the gun shop, just as she was paying for it, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) came in, as he was going to buy several rounds for his practice at the shooting range. He then thought that the gun was for Danny and found it strange that Linda told him to keep it a secret from Danny.

After their tour, they discovered that an anonymous caller had tipped them that a White Supremacist group was responsible for the shootings, but the leader revealed that the tipster had framed them for the shootings. He then allowed them unlimited access to all of his information so that he could clear his and his group’s name.

Later that day at a meeting with the Jewish leaders of the state, Frank told them that even if Stein put out a full page ad in the Times explaining that they did not mean to disrespect the New York Police Department by hiring 500 men from a private security firm, it seemed like they did not believe in his and in the department’s capabilities.

After discovering that Olivia Gordon (Jasmine Carmichael) had not gone to work that day, both Erin and Walker decided to pay her a visit. At her house, Olivia revealed that she had been forced to switch the guns, as her older brother, who used to run with Winslow Martin, had been kidnapped by them. They then told her to switch out the guns or else they would kill him. She then refused to testify in court and told Walker to arrest her there and then.

Before the Sunday dinner, while Erin, Frank and Jamie were preparing the salad and the meat, Jamie discovered that Frank knew all about Linda having a gun, as the licensing department had informed him about it since she had presented her Commissioner’s Courtesy Card to them. Frank then told Jamie to honor his word with Linda to not tell Danny about it, as how she wanted to protect herself was really up to her. Later, at dinner, Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), Frank’s father, brought up the same issue with regards to how the Jewish community in New York decided to protect themselves. His entire family then agreed that it was really up to them to decide how they wanted to protect themselves. Erin then finished the conversation by telling Frank that he sounded like a politician and that it seemed like it was an issue on how the matter reflected on him, as he saw it as an insult.

Later that night, Erin was able to convince Olivia to testify in court, despite the fact that her brother might die. However, Erin reassured her that the police were trying to search for him as fast as they could.

Thanks to this, Danny realized that he and Maria were looking at the case only in one way. They then decided to comb through the transcripts of the civil cases that the judge had in order to pinpoint one case wherein the judge, Doctor Feinburg, and Joshua Greenwald had been in. After a while, Maria found it. In that particular case, Arthur Kent Whitmore had lost a malpractice suit against a certain hospital after his wife had died of sepsis during a kidney transplant. Whitmore then had filed a civil suit in which he only got $20 million in legal fees and was given no cash settlement. Doctor Feinburg had been there, as well as Joshua Greenwald. They then identified the next victim as Leslie Caitlyn O’ Roarke, the nurse who had testified for the hospital.

Later that night, Linda saw her mugger again at the Jefferson Projects and went in for a closer look. However, instead of shooting him with her gun, she decided to call 911 so that they could send in a unit to arrest him.

Meanwhile, Danny, Maria and other policemen tried to search for Leslie, who had stepped out of her building to walk her dog. After a while, shots were heard, and the shooter in the motorcycle fell to the ground. After they arrested him, Danny went to speak to Leslie. It turned out that she was the one who had shot Arthur as she had been carrying a gun with a permit as she knew how dangerous the streets were.

Back at home, Linda decided to talk to Danny. She revealed that she had seen her mugger at the Projects and that 911 had been able to send a unit to arrest him. Danny then told her that they were able to catch their guy too. He then told her about Leslie, a nurse who had been carrying a gun, as she told him that she would be foolish not to carry one around. After learning that Danny didn’t know about her gun, even if he thought that she had, she showed it to him and gave it to him, saying that it’s not for her. She then asked him to never disrespect her again and to be proud of her, just like she is of him. He then agreed to that.

The next morning, Frank, instead of telling Garrett “I told you so,” told him to write a thank-you note to Stein, as he had realized that he had let his ego cloud his judgment. However, Garrett advised him to tell Stein that in person.

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