‘Blue Bloods’ Spoilers: Jamie Reagan To Face Internal Affairs and Danny To Meet A Difficult Superior

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Blue Bloods’ Spoilers: Jamie Reagan To Face Internal Affairs and Danny To Meet A Difficult Superior
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It seems like police brutality is still very much a hot topic, as this season, the topic will be tackled in two different shows- NBC’s “Law & Order:SVU”, and in CBS’ “Blue Bloods”. However, on “Blue Bloods”, it seems as if this topic will hit close to home, as a recently released press release and a first look picture preview that this particular topic will be affecting one of the members of the Reagan family. Aside from this, it was also recently announced that an actor who has been seen in two precincts in two separate police related shows, set in New York and in San Francisco, respectively, will be meeting with Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) pretty soon. WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding “Blue Bloods” Season 6 Episode 6 “Rush to Judgement”, and another future episode. Read on to learn more about how “Blue Bloods” will tackle the subject of police brutality, and read on to learn more on who will be teaming up soon with Danny.

It seems that the subject of police brutality, sooner or later, as it is still quite a hot topic, will be making its way several times during the current television season.

According to the official press on Spoiler TV, it seems that CBS’ “Blue Bloods” will be tackling the subject in an interesting way, as it will directly affect one of the Reagans.

The sixth episode of the season, according to the release, will be entitled “Rush to Judgement,” and will air just in time for Halloween.

The release went on to say that this particular episode will affect Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) in particular. Jamie will be caught on camera, using forceful measures during an anti-policy rally, which is immediately seen as an act of police brutality.


After this reaches the ears of his father, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), he promptly hands the case over to Internal Affairs, in order not to be seen as showing favoritism towards his son.

CarterMatt also released a first look picture, in which Jamie is seen with arms outstretched, as if to push someone back, in an effort to help quell the fevered crowd.

The release also mentioned that not only will Jamie be hit hard by Internal Affairs, but Detective Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) case for the episode will affect him as well as he and his partner take on a rape case with a civil rights attorney who is bent on ruining Jamie.


Also, according to TV Line, “CSI: NY’s” and “Murder in the First’s” AJ Buckley will be butting heads with Danny in a future episode. The actor will be portraying Sergeant Mulvey, Danny’s superior officer during a hostage situation after he behaves unorthodoxly.

Are you excited to see AJ Buckley on “Blue Bloods”? What do you think will happen to Jamie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And that was all for the updates and spoilers for the sixth season of “Blue Bloods” and for the sixth episode of “Blue Bloods”, entitled “Rush to Judgement.”

Photo Source: CBS Official Website/CBS

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