On ‘Blurred Lines’ Rip-off; Robin Thicke Admits To Being Intoxicated During An Oprah Interview

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
On ‘Blurred Lines’ Rip-off; Robin Thicke Admits To Being Intoxicated During An Oprah Interview
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Controversy has followed singer, Robin Thicke ever since he and fellow composer Pharell Williams have been accused of music legend, Marvin Gaye of “ripping off” “Got To Give It Up” for the 2013 hit “Blurred Lines”. Read on to know more updates about this argument.

Thicke and Williams’ depositions proved in court that the two plagiarized Gaye’s work, as the trial ended in March of this year. Mail Online reports that when Gaye’s family lawyer, Richard Busch asked Thicke if he was “drunk and on Vicodin” when Thicke did an interview with Oprah, the latter answered with an astounding “Yes. With all due respect, I was high and drunk every time I did an interview last year.”

Another question asked by the lawyer is if Thicke thought of himself as a truthful person, Thicke answered with, “No.” and went on to elaborate, that when it comes to publicity and dealing with the media, nothing’s off the table. “When I give interviews, I tell whatever I want to say to help sell records,” he said.

The Hollywood Reporter also published quotes from Williams’ recorded deposition wherein the “Happy” hit maker kept echoing that he is not “comfortable” and seems argumentative when it came to giving responses.

When asked by Busch about what blues chords are, he answered with, “I’m not here to teach you music.” When Busch pressed Williams for an answer, he ultimately says he doesn’t know. Williams revealed that he is able to read musical notation but is unable to write one. Williams was also reminded by the lawyer of a previous dialogue, where the singer talked about the issue with Gaye and Williams said that he did not go into the studio “with the intention of making anything feel like, or to sound like, Marvin Gaye.”

The Los Angeles jury, which decided on the case, granted Gaye’s estate with a substantial $7.3 million, which was afterwards abridged by a judge to $5.4 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Thicke and Williams are yet to counter the decision with their respective appeals.

The song in question, “Blurred Lines” was a massive hit in both the U.S. and the U.K., not to mention in 11 other countries. The song and its video were labeled as by censors of being misogynistic.

Additional hullabaloo ensued when Thicke and Miley Cyrus did a live performance of the song at the 2013 MTV Video Music Award, wherein it was viewed as vulgar because of both singers’ onstage antics.


Photo Source: Instagram/robinthicke

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