Is Bobby Flay Asking Too Much For His Chelsea Apartment He Shared With Ex-Wife Stephanie March?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is Bobby Flay Asking Too Much For His Chelsea Apartment He Shared With Ex-Wife Stephanie March?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Bobby Flay | Is Bobby Flay having an affair with ‘Food Network’ co-star Giada De Laurentiis?

After the divorce has been finalized, Bobby Flay, Food Network Celebrity Chef has put up the home he once shared with ex-wife Stephanie March… and he’s asking a lot from it! Read on.

When the court decided that Flay can keep their Chelsea property, Flay allegedly kicked March and her mother out of the property. And now, the property is for sale. According to NY Daily New, their Chelsea condo unit is a 3,204-square feet, three bedroom duplex and just last Thursday, the property is on sale for $8 million.

Flay finalized his divorce with March in July 2015, giving his ex-wife just enough time to find a new place to live in. They have broken up when Flay reportedly cheated with March with a hostess who works at one of his restaurants. There have also been rumours that he also cheated on her with January Jones and his co-Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis, who also got divorced.

Flay is one of the celebrities to live in that particular Chelsea condo building. He also got to keep their Amagansett vacation home.

As for the Chelsea condo, it is a good property with a huge living room, an open kitchen, a bar, an office with steel casement windows as well as a billiards room. It is definitely one of the best units for sale currently and there is no wonder if some people start putting up their offers on the said property. Flay’s broker, Kenny and Meris Blumstein of the Corcoran Group haven’t commented yet on Flay’s property up for sale.

As for Flay or March, neither also have commented about the properties they have kept and are being sold currently. It looks like the two have decided to part ways as quietly as possible. However, the two are still being hounded by rumours.

Photo source: Facebook/Bobby Flay

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