‘Boku No Hero Academia’ Chapter 60 Spoiler Predictions: All Might Dies Protecting Deku, Bakogou To Get AFO?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Boku No Hero Academia’ Chapter 60 Spoiler Predictions: All Might Dies Protecting Deku, Bakogou To Get AFO?
“Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 61 to showcase the potential of the Wonder Duo?

Latest “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 60 spoiler predictions have said that All Might will die. Is it because of Izuku? Read on for more details.

The battle between two powers, All For One versus One For All, is surely imminent.

Fans over Manga Helpers were guessing that the next generation will inherit these powers. And it was expected for All Might to pass his full Quirk to Izuku Midoriya (Deku).

A “Boku no Hero Academia” fan, ‘Barrier,’ expected the holder of All for One to be a troublesome opponent. Although it was expected that Deku would fight the All for One user, ‘Barrier’ said that in “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 60, the All for One user will unleash different types of Quirks.

This would then put Deku’s life at risk. All Might would then sacrifice himself just to protect Deku.

The succession of All Might’s power was also discussed and it was said that it would drain him out completely. ‘dark123’ said that the reason why All Might’s Quirk was called One for All is because it consumes the strength of its previous possessors, which was said to include their souls, in order to transfer it to the next generation.

Basically, ‘dark123’ claimed One for All meant combining the strength and sufferings of all previous generations for a single follower who had the same ideals: justice. On the other hand, All for One implied that everything belonged to one absolute ruler.

In this case, All Might would die after completely transferring his One for All Quirk to Deku.

It could be recalled that All Might seemed to foreshadow his death. In “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 59, he said he won’t probably be there for Deku.

‘patori’ also predicted that there would be an imminent fight between Deku and Katsuki Bakugou. It was also said that Bakugou might inherit All for One in “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 60 and beyond since he wanted to be superior to Deku.

Things could get pretty exciting in the next chapters. And as far as “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 60 spoiler predictions are concerned, readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Weekly Shonen Jump Official Page|“My Hero Academia”

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