The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Maya Says She Has Always Been A Girl

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Maya Says She Has Always Been A Girl
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“The Bold and the Beautiful” continues with more revelations from Maya and Nicole on episode 7039, which aired on March 23, 2015. Read on for more details.

Nicole continues to insist that Maya owes her the truth. Maya tells her she never had an older brother. Nicole tells her that their mom used to have a book. She said she looked for the book and saw a baby picture, birth certificate and hospital bracelet. Maya insists it wasn’t hers. She asks for Maya’s birth date. She tells her, “It wasn’t mine because I had it changed.”

Maya asks Nicole if she wants money. She calls Maya a freak. Maya tells her that their father used to call her the same. Nicole recounted the time when Maya visited her in school when she was nine. Maya tells her that she had to go to California without her. Nicole asks what she did to her body. She tells her that it’s the way she was born. She said she always hated Sundays because she always wanted to wear dresses when she was a child. Maya tells her that she had a previous medical problem that she had to fix before she could begin to love herself and eventually let others love her. She tells Nicole that she can be there for her now if she lets her.

Katie reminds Rick of the time when Maya broke up with him. She thinks she’s bound to disappoint him again. He tells her that he’d rather be alone than be with someone he can’t trust in every level. She thinks they have to be close too. He thinks he can’t rely on her because she’s married to Bill. She wonders if he’s going to have kids with Maya.

Deacon picks up the broken pieces of glass on Brooke’s floor. She wonders why he’s helping her but thanks him instead. He tells her that he always had the fantasy to be the guy who saves her.

Quinn receives a message from Deacon. She raises her eyebrows when she sees “ILY.” After awhile, Deacon comes home. She asks Deacon about the meaning of ILY. She thinks it means “I’m Leaving You.” She asks about what happened at AA. She asks him to put away the toys and leaves. Deacon calls Brooke.

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