The Bold and the Beautiful Season 28 Recap: Teetering on the Edge

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Season 28 Recap: Teetering on the Edge
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez | Cast and crew of soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” at 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Season 28 Episode 7018 aired on Feb. 18, 2015. Bill and Katie exchange their vows. Brooke acts all tipsy and surprises the guests at the wedding. Carter officiates and begins the ceremony. Bill tells Katie, “For good this time.” Carter calls on Liam and Wyatt. Liam reads first, then Wyatt, who thanks Katie and Bill for showing them the power of forgiveness. Brooke wiggles her nose, which distracts Bill. Carter says it’s time for the rings. Brooke gasps and tells them she forgot the rings. Carter tells her the rings are with him. Katie and Bill tell each other’s speeches. Bill tells Katie that nothing means more to him than spending his life with her and their family. Carter pronounces them as husband and wife.

After the ceremony, Caroline congratulates her uncle Bill and drags Ridge over. Katie, on the other hand, looks for Brooke and asks if she’s okay. Brooke tells her she’s fine. Katie asks if she’s drinking to numb herself. She tells her she’s happy for her and that she doesn’t regret backing off. Katie hugs her. Bill and Katie cut their wedding cake while the rest of the guests dance.

Liam and Wyatt toast on behalf of Will who slept through the wedding. Brooke wants to make a toast. She tries hard to convince everyone that she’s happy as she smiles and makes a toast. Everyone else looks and feels a bit sad for her.

Deacon asks Quinn if she’s not thinking about Bill and Katie’s wedding. Quinn tells him he has him confused with Brooke. She thinks Brooke’s lying. He asks her what made her so sure that Brooke was lying. She asks if Brooke came on to him. Deacon says no. He thinks she’s not used to being alone and being without a man. Quinn says she doesn’t feel sorry for her. Deacon tells her Brooke’s teetering on the edge. Quinn asks him to stop worrying about other people’s problems. She leaves the room and returns wearing a dominatrix suit. Deacon’s thrilled to see his reward.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez

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