‘THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’ SPOILERS FOR AUG. 21 AND AUG. 24 -28: All About Steffy And The Homecoming Of Rick And Maya

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago

“The Bold and the Beautiful” newest spoilers for August 21, 2015 and August 24, 2015 exposes Steffy alleged involvement in Aly’s sudden demise and the consequences that will arise if an evidence will not be destroyed.

Continue reading the spoilers below if you want to be aware of what will happen next for  this American soap opera.

Aly supposedly plunged to her death as insinuated by Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). This story became passable to everyone else including Liam (Scott Clifton). However questions arise once more as  Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) started finger pointing,  compelling Liam to question his good judgement.

Ivy wasn’t sold on such a story and now pull’s Liam to her side of the fence.  She offhandedly declares to Liam that Steffy is aware of the answers to the questions which she has raised.  Liam interrogates the now apprehensive Steffy which has also started acting cautious.

“I think it’s a simple question with a simple answer,” Liam says to Steffy with much ambiguity, “and I think you know that”.

In another clip from the footage, Steffy breaks down and comes clean of what truly occurred between her and Aly. She also reveals the Ivy has been blackmailing her with a video that she has recorded of the incident. This prompts  Liam to go to Ivy and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) to see the video with his own eyes instead of jumping once more to another conclusion.

On the following week, August 24, Monday via Soap She Knows, it finally dawns on Steffy of what will be the aftermath of her wrongdoing. Liam takes matters to his own hands and tells Ivy to either erase the recorded video or take it to the proper authorities.

Also for next week, Thomas let’s his feelings for Caroline take a back seat as she advises her to reveal to Ridge her plans on having children. This backfires as Ridge doesn’t want to get involved with such matters which prompts Thomas to extend himself as Caroline soul mate.The intimate moment between Thomas and Caroline comes to a shambles when Ridge unexpectedly arrives.Adding more firestorm to “The Bold and the Beautiful” are the homecoming of Rick and Maya.

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