Bon Jovi’s Daughter Arrested

By admin | 6 years ago

Stephanie Bongiovi, the daughter of rocker sensation Jon Bon Jovi, was arrested for drug possession on Wednesday. Bon Jovi’s daughter attends Hamilton College in the town of Kirkland, New York.

Kirkland Police said they responded to an emergency at one of the dorms of the college at 1:50 am on Wednesday, assisting an Ambulance that received a call of a female who allegedly had overdosed on heroin and was not responsive.   When police arrived, they said they secured some heroin. The police said they had arrested two students from Hamilton. One of those students Ian Grant, 21 of New Jersey was charged with criminal possession of heroin. He was processed at the local police station and then released.

Upon investigating further, a drug task force was able to obtain a search warrant, executed that at one of the dorms at Hamilton, and recovered marijuana, heroin and drug paraphernalia.

At the point, police arrested Bongiovi, 19, a student at the college. She was also charged with criminal possession of marijuana and a controlled substance. She had been taken to a local hospital after being found unresponsive but was expected to be out of the hospital late Wednesday.

Hamilton College released a statement that said they were fully cooperating with the investigation by police and because they respect their students’ privacy, they could not discuss any possible disciplinary action that might be taken.

Bon Jovi could not be located for comment and his representatives declined to make any comment when reached.

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