Bond Turns 50

By admin | 6 years ago

Across the globe fans turned out for different events on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond movies. The British Spy first appeared on the big screen back on October 5, 1962 in the spectacular spy movie Dr. No. In the movie, it was the first time Bond aficionados would hear “shaken not stirred,” and Bond… James Bond.”

The movie franchise is one of the most successful and largest in the history of films. There have been 22 films starring Bond that have earned more than $5 billion. The 23rd movie Skyfall is due in theaters on October 23 and the theme song, sung by British singer Adele was released on her website Friday in celebration of the Global Bond Day that has events in major cities across the globe.

Daniel Craig is the current Bond and the sixth actor to accept or be chosen for the role. What has not changed throughout the 22 movies is Bond’s taste for high-tech gadgetry, fast cars, vodka martinis and most of all beautiful women both on his side and against him. Bond movies are always nationalistic, hyper-masculine and full of sex and violence.

This year the government of Britain has for the first time teamed up with the Bond creators to promote Great Britain to worldwide tourists through a 21-country campaign titled Bond is GREAT Britain.

Six actors have played the British spy, but to many Sean Connery the Scotsman was the best Bond to appear on the big screen.

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