Bones Recap: The Conspiracy in the Corpse

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Bones Recap: The Conspiracy in the Corpse
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“Bones” Season 10 Episode 1 “The Conspiracy in the Corpse” aired last Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, the team of Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) raced against time to uncover the conspiracy which FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) had unearthed and had landed him in jail. The body that the team was working on could be a major breakthrough for them, as that body could have been the point of origin of the entire conspiracy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up three months after the events in the Season 9 finale. FBI Agent Seeley Booth is not very comfortable in prison and often got into fights as the other inmates would taunt and provoke him. He was, however, able to call Dr. Temperance Brennan, who told him that they were able to get a court order for the remains of a Mr. Howard Cooper. However, before he could tell her that he loved her, the prison guard forced him to hang up.

Howard Cooper, an employee at the EPA, had died 16 years ago but was vital in their investigation regarding the conspiracy, as his body might be its point of origin. If they could figure out who killed him, they might have a chance at discovering who was behind the entire conspiracy. They knew this because a large amount of files on the dead conspiracy blogger’s chip mentioned him a lot. However, when they opened the body, they found large amounts of adipose sere, making it hard for them to get started right away on their examination of the body.

Meanwhile, when Bones visited Booth at prison, she revealed to him that their daughter, Christine, was terrified that she would not see her father again. Bones then promised Booth that she would do anything to get him out of jail.

She then paid a visit to the prosecutor, Mr. Brady, who was responsible for putting Booth in jail. She blackmailed him to make him drop the charges on Booth by showing him that she had some incriminating documents, which she had gotten from the chip and threatened to release it to the public. Booth, although happy that he was free, was not pleased that Bones had done this, as she had shown a part of their hand. Bones then told him that they would work faster and drove them to their new home.

Their new home was beautiful, and she even kept some of Booth’s stuff, even if they were damaged by bullets. He wanted to start going to work right away, but Bones told him that he couldn’t yet, as all the FBI agents thought that he had killed some of their own. She had to leave for wor, but reassured him that Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) was on his way to explain things to him.

At the Jeffersonian, both Dr. Camille Saroyan (Tamala Taylor) and Dr. Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd) were having trouble cleaning out the bones of Howard Cooper. Aside from the adipose sere, they found traces of urine, which increased the acidity of the remains, causing Cam to accidentally break one of the bones. However, thanks to that, they discovered that Cooper had not really died of leukemia. If he had, then the bone tissue in the area of the bone Cam broke would show signs of cancer, but it did not. Luckily,  Dr. Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) was able to find a way to properly clean the bones and made it easier for them to study it.

At Booth’s place, Sweets came over. However, even before he could properly say hello to Booth, Booth, driven and consumed by the case that placed him in jail and that had almost killed Bones and  Christine, started delving into the case right away. He told Sweets that Cooper had denied a building permit for a plant that was being built by Sanderson Chemicals. However, two weeks after Cooper died, Hugo Sanderson was able to secure a permit to build his plant. Sweets then made him pause for a while so that they could properly say hello to each other. Booth also thanked him for helping Bones and Christine with the move, to which he said that it was really no problem. However, Booth told Sweets that he was going to confront Sanderson no matter what.

Booth was able to confront Sanderson at his work place. However, Sanderson refused to speak about Cooper and told Booth that since he was good friends with the director of the FBI, Booth was messing with the wrong person. As Booth felt that he was being followed, he cornered and caught the man following him, who turned out to be FBI Special Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd), who was sent to look after him. At the FBI office, despite everything, Director Stark was persuaded to return Booth’s gun and badge to him, and Stark placed Booth under Sweets’ charge.

At Sweets’ place, the two continued to investigate the case. At the same time, Sweets’ on-and-off girlfriend Daisy came in, heavily pregnant. Booth congratulated them both and was pleased to learn that he was going to be their son’s godfather.

Back at the laboratory, Bones and Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) looked over the models of Cooper’s fractures. They discovered that he had sustained several big fractures five years before he died. The report said that it was due to a fall down a flight of stairs, but the fractures were not consistent for that. Bones then asked Angela to run a simulation of the fractures in a car crash. They then discovered that his fractures were more consistent with a car accident.

Booth and Bones then decided to pay a visit to Dr. Durant, the emergency room doctor that had treated Cooper that night. He proved to be defensive and claimed not to know much about what had happened that night.

The next day, Bones met up with Sweets at a local diner to talk about Booth, as she was concerned as he had not been acting like himself. Sweets told Bones that Booth was having a hard time trusting people now, since the very institutions that Booth believed in had just betrayed him.

That same day, Booth paid Dr. Durant another visit and told him that he knew that Durant was lying about Cooper, as they had discovered that Durant had also treated a homeless man who died because of hit and run that night. He then learned that Durant was being blackmailed, as he had stolen some oxycodone from the pharmacy and sold it to earn money to pay for his medical school. He was then instructed to make it seem as if Cooper had caused the hit and run so that “they” could have some leverage on him.

Back at the lab, while Bones and Edison examined the remains of Cooper, they found several scratches on his bones, which matched the wide gauge needles used for IVs. They then deduced that Cooper was poisoned and that the killer was trying to stab the IV needle in any part of Cooper’s body, who apparently had struggled before he died. Angela also was able to find the video of Durant on the chip.  However, they had to trace and find the head of security at that hospital from 21 years back.

Back at home, Aubrey passed by to tell Booth that he had found the old head of security — an old man named Gerald Nursky who had worked in security for a subsidiary of Sanderson Chemicals, as well as security for several politicians. He was 85 years old and stayed at a nursing home.

However, the team ran into some complications, as a court order came from a relative of Cooper’s who demanded that his body to be returned. However, Hodgins had anticipated this and replaced Cooper’s bones with bone of another male which had leukemia. On further investigation of the bones and the scratch that Bones had found, it was revealed that Cooper was injected with an antacid, which, upon reacting with the chemotherapy drugs, was lethal. At the same time, Aubrey gave Booth the location of the nursing home of Nursky. While Booth and Bones went to speak to Nursky, Assistant US Attorney Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) gave them a warrant to pick up some documents from Sanderson. But since they had to move fast, Sweets decided to get it so that Booth and Bones could visit Nursky.

At the nursing home, Nursky revealed to them that he was sent to work as security for the hospital by Director Hoover himself. Bones then revealed that Hoover used to have secret files on poilticians and the like. Nursky even called Sanderson a great patriot. However, before they could ask him anything else, Booth told Bones that they had to leave.

At a parking lot, they came upon Sweets who was dying from massive internal bleeding. Some men had come and had shot at him and had gotten the documents that he was able to procure. However, he told Booth and Bones that he had fought back. Before he died, he told them to tell Daisy not to worry and told Booth that “the world is a lot better” than he thinks it is.

Back at the Jeffersonian, the team and Daisy received Sweets’ body. Daisy told them that she wanted to be there so that she could help. Cam told Bones that she thought she couldn’t examine Sweets’ body. To this, Bones replied that they had to so that they could find out who exactly killed Sweets.

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