Bones Recap: The Geek in the Guck

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Bones Recap: The Geek in the Guck
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“Bones” Season 10, Episode 4 “The Geek in the Guck” aired last Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014 at 8:00 pm on Fox. In this episode, the team investigated the death of a lead program designer at one of the biggest gaming companies, only to discover the ugly truth about him. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan disagreed with each other regarding their daughter Christine. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with  two teenage boys who are trying to find a way to get porn without having to be blocked by parental controls. Their search was unfruitful until they  accidentally stumbled upon a satellite image of a decaying corpse.

At the Booth-Brennan house, Booth was trying to make their daughter eat her breakfast. Dr. Bones, on the other hand, continued to research on possible kindergartens. Surprisingly, Bones was able to get Christine to eat her breakfast after outlining all the sicknesses she would get if she did not eat her breakfast. 

The two then had a little discussion about their choice of school for Christine. Booth wanted Christine to go to a school where she could enjoy herself while Bones wanted a more structured school for her. However, their discussion was cut short as Bones was called away as they had a new body to investigate.

At the Jeffersonian, Jessica Warren (Laura Spencer) told them more about the murder victim who was a white male in her twenties. According to her gut feeling, the victim has died as a result of a revenge killing. However, Bones told her that one should not rely on gut feeling, but should rely on scientific facts. She was also told off from the laboratory as she kept on answering her cellphone. She then informed them that the educational cooperative she grew up in would be disbanding.

Based on the evidence, they discovered that the victim had died six days ago and that the body had been in the river for around three and a half days. The victim’s eyes, nose, lips and ears were gone as some eastern snapping turtles had eaten them as a snack, which would make identification of the body a little bit harder than usual. They also discovered that the arms had been torn off, and the body showed signs of being beaten. After Bones told Booth this, he immediately ruled at as probably gang related He also said that it might have been done out of revenge, which confirmed Jessica’s suspicions.

At the Bureau, Booth and his partner, Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd), ruled out the fact that it had been a gang-related crime as the area where the body might have been dumped has no sign of gang related activity. Booth then asked Aubrey about his kindergarten experience as Booth was still trying to figure out about where Christine should take kindergarten.

Back at the Jeffersonian, they figured out that the exit wound was a few centimeters big, and Dr. Camille Sayoran (Tamara Taylor) discovered that the victim’s last meal was Chinese,  she was able to retrieve a Chinese noodle from his insides. While they examined the body, Jessica informed them that the educational cooperative that she lived and grew up in was part of a social experiment by Professor Barrett McGlocklin, which surprised Bones, as his teachings did not correspond with the social experiment. However, Bones was immensely surprised when she was informed that the social experiment had produced two Rhodes scholars, a concert cellist, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. 

At Angela Montenegro’s (Michaela Conlin) station, she informed her husband Dr. Jack Hodgins (TJ Thyne) that she had discovered that the reason why Jessica’s educational cooperative was disbanding. It was because the professor was going to enter a retirement home. She was then able to identify the victim as Hayes Robertson, a wealthy lead programmer for a big gaming company called Immersion Games. The couple also started to discuss where their son, Vincent Michael would go to school. As both of them had different childhood experiences, and based on their salary, they were both fine with having him go to a public school.

Bones and Booth paid a visit to Hayes’ house, which he shared with his best friend, Noah Gummersall (Erik Stocklin). Noah has a joint account with Hayes, who also worked as a game tester for his roommate. He also barely left his room and had a girlfriend named Chloe. He also informed them that he had last seen Hayes last Tuesday night, and had Chinese take out for dinner.

An avid gamer named Aubrey was delighted for being there at Immersion Games.They met with the former second lead programmer Anne Schamberg (Alexandra Metz), who was now acting programming head. Anne told them that she and Noah had dated before when the company had started and that Noah was harmless. Aubrey was even more delighted when they followed her to the gaming stage, which was where the actors acted out the game scenarios and thanks to motion capture, the designers could then create characters and creatures out of it. There, while Aubrey filmed the fight sequence going on, Anne told them Hayes had often butted heads with the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Jen Park, as he had wanted to delay the release of the game, and that would mean that the company would lose $ 20 million in sales. Ms. Park then refused to speak to them and told them to speak to her lawyers instead.

Back at the laboratory, Jessica found a ring fracture at the base of the skull, which meant that the body must have struck something which created such an impact that would cause the fracture. They then deduced that the body must have been dropped from a significant height before hitting the water surface which caused the fracture. If they could figure out the height from which the body was dropped, they might be able to pinpoint where the body was dropped, and then they could probably be able to find his arms.

Despite the fact that Angela could have simulated everything on her laptop, Hodgins begged her to allow them to simulate everything using a dummy on a slingshot which would be dropped from varying heights into a tub of water in order to figure out which height would cause those injuries. They finally figured out that the arms were torn off as it had been tied to weights and that the body had been dropped from a particular bridge. Booth then sent over Aubrey and a team of divers to retrieve the arms, while Angela decrypted Hayes’ laptop.

At the diner, Bones told Booth that she was concerned about Christine’s schooling as she did not have a pleasant experience as she had transferred schools twelve times.

The divers were able to find the arms under the bridge, and discovered that it had deep lacerations on it, which all happened before Hayes had died. Later on, Jessica discovered six fractures on his ribs, which matched the moves the actor of the Minotaur in the game made, based on the video that Aubrey had taken.

When they brought in the actor of the Minotaur, Travis Leed, in for questioning, they discovered that he had confronted and beaten up Hayes once because Hayes had stolen his idea for the hit game Crusher. However, when he beat him, Hayes hadn’t fought back, as he just picked up the diamond bracelet that fell out of his pocket, and told Leed that everything was okay.

Angela was able to decrypt the laptop, and discovered that Hayes had been a control freak, and had been visiting the apartment of Chloe, Noah’s girlfriend. However, they discovered that the apartment was empty and that she was in another town with a different name- Alice.

However, when they brought both Noah and Alice in for questioning, they discovered that they did not know each other. Apparently, Noah had never seen Chloe in person but conversed with her online. He had though, sent expensive gifts to “Chloe” such as an expensive diamond bracelet.  They then concluded that Hayes, a control freak by nature, had created the persona of Chloe in order to control his best friend. However, what was strange was that even after Hayes had died, Noah had still been conversing with Chloe, who had wanted to break up with them. They then realized that whoever was acting now as “Chloe” would be the murderer of Hayes.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Bones discovered, based on a fracture and the swab on the fracture on his arm that he had been hit by an object which had a flat surface, gray paint and a rounded edge. He had been hit and was left to bled to death. He had been killed by one of the shields used in the game. Thankfully, as the murder had been committed on the game stage, and the shield had motion capture sensors, they were able to figure out that whoever had murdered Hayes was a woman, and favored her less dominant side.

They then brought Anne Schamberg in for questioning, after they learned that Hayes had set Noah and Anne up, only to break them up so that he could always control his lead programmer, and his best friend. Bones, after looking at her physique and her medical records discovered that Anne was indeed the murderer. Anne then confessed, and told them that that night, she had confronted Hayes to ask him why he had broken her and Noah up. She had snapped and killed him after he had just laughed at her and told her that she and Noah were just characters in his game.

After work, Hodgins told Jessica that it was okay to feel bad about her current situation. Because of this, she finally let out her emotions and cried. After this, Hodgins and Angela invited her over for a bottle of wine.

At home, Bones  realized that she was not being so open minded about the choice of kindergarten for Christine. She decided to let Booth decide from the schools she had preselected for him.

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Catch “Bones” every Thursday night at 8:00 pm on Fox.

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