Bones Recap: Lance to the Heart

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Bones Recap: Lance to the Heart
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“Bones” Season 10 Episode 2 “Lance to the Heart” aired on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, the team finally concluded their investigation with regards to the conspiracy that had succeeded in putting FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) in jail and that killed Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley). Read on to learn more about this episode.

Both Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and FBI Agent Seeley Booth, her husband, worked nonstop in order to find the killer of their good friend, Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley).

At the Jeffersonian, Dr. Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd), who was busy cleaning Sweets’ bones for further examination, was surprised to see that Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo), Sweets’ girlfriend and the mother of his child, still there. She claimed that she wanted to be of use so that they would be able to find Sweets’ killer.

At the laboratory, the team gathered round in order to discuss the results. Both Clark and Bones discovered that whoever had killed Sweets had military training, as the examination of the bones revealed that Sweets that someone had tried to strangulate him in a move that is commonly used in the military. Dr. Cam Saroyan (Tamala Taylor) then revealed that his death was caused by a torn aorta that was sustained when he was hit in the chest. Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) then discovered that a fiber from a floor mat of a car was on Sweets’ clothes, allowing them to track down the car that was used by the killer.

Hodgins also commented that the entire conspiracy was somewhat similar to a sentient being that kept on growing. Because of this, his wife, Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), decided to map out all the names they had uncovered to try to see how they all connected to each other. She would then match all of these up to incidents that had occurred over the past two decades.

Booth and FBI Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd) found the car a block or so near Sanderson Chemicals. They also found a trail of blood, which could have belonged to the killer. Based on this, Booth deduced that the killer would want to have a tactical advantage by going to higher ground, so they went to the roof, where they found the body of Kenneth Emery, a classmate of Aubrey’s at Quantico, who had later on became a Navy SEAL. They then discovered that Emery, while at Quantico, had been charged with assault, but somebody had covered up the entire thing and had become a SEAL, after which he became one of Sanderson’s henchmen.

At the FBI, Director Stark welcomed Booth back in and told him to continue investigating. He also told Booth that he did not even need to send him reports on his findings.

As the team examined the body of Kenneth Emery, they realized that the bullet trajectory from Sweets’ gun to Emery did not match the fact that one of his aortas was hit. Upon closer examination, the discovered that what had caused his death was a small nick by a blade on the aorta. Someone had murdered Emery and used the bullet wound to cover it up.

Frustrated, Booth decided to confront Sanderson about the documents that Sweets was supposed to get, as he was on his way to deliver the documents he had seized to the FBI. Those documents were now missing. However, Sanderson threatened Booth again with his job and refused to answer him. Booth still felt responsible for Sweets’ death,  as he should have been the one to issue the warrant for Sanderson’s documents and not Sweets.

Back at the laboratory, Hodgins found Sweets’ notepad in his belongings. He was able to recover the notebook, and Angela was able to show Daisy the impressions that Sweets’ pen stylus had left. On one paper, he had wrote “Cooper, Defiant, Frightened,” which signified that Howard Cooper, who was frightened, only stood up against the entire conspiracy when he was dying. Then the words “Sanderson, Believer, Powerful, Acolyte” were written, followed by numerous question marks and a cross sign, making them deduce that this conspiracy was almost as fervent as a religion or a cult.

The next sheet of paper made Daisy tear up, as Sweets had written the name “Seeley” three times — the name that he had wanted to give the baby.

Meanwhile, Booth stormed out of the diner earlier that morning and bought several guns in order to protect himself, Bones, and their daughter, Christine. Bones also warned him not to do anything irrational, such as killing Sanderson. She then tried to make him see reason, questioning him how he could face God after killing a man and asking him if he still had any faith in her. After a while, Booth sat down, head in his hands, and admitted that all he wanted was for the entire thing to be over.

Back at the laboratory, Bones discovered that Daisy had been with Sweets’ bones the entire night, as his bones also reminded her of him and of the stories and things he had shared with her. Together, the two took a look at Sweets’ bones and reminisced about him together. After a while, as they could not do anything more with Sweets’ bones, Daisy and Bones started to continue their examination of the rest of Cooper’s bones, hoping to find more answers. However, before Bones could do this, she needed authorization from Cam, who was busy trying to buy an urn, as she was starting to plan Sweets’ funeral. She then gave Bones blanket authorization so that she could do everything that she had to do.

Upon dissecting Cooper’s bone marrow, both Bones and Clark found a growing tumor within the marrow, which was definitely strange. They also discovered that the growing cells were near the area where Cooper had been injected with the toxin that had killed them.

At the FBI, Booth and Aubrey combed through all of Sanderson’s other files, as they tried to find another way to reissue a warrant to be able to get a hold of the documents that they so badly needed.

Meanwhile, Angela had created her diagram. She and Hodgins realized that the start of everything began with Cooper. Dr. Glenn Durant, who had treated Cooper before, was also part of this diagram because of what he did, and Sanderson was definitely connected to Cooper, since the toxin that Cooper had died of was manufactured by Sanderson Chemicals. Angela then revealed that after doing several facial recognition searches, she had found eleven pictures from eleven conferences where Cooper and Durant were together.

Booth questioned Durant once again, who told them that he feared for his life, as standing up against the culprits caused Cooper his life. He then told them that he had never dealt with Sanderson, but with Nursky, an old FBI Agent recruited by J. Edgar Hoover himself.

However, when Booth visited Nursky, he refused to talk to Booth or to give him any other pertinent information that they might need.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins, Angela and Aubrey tried to figure out who the missing link was from J.Edgar Hoover to Durant and Cooper, based on the fact that they were told that J. Edgar Hoover had a collection of documents which could be used to blackmail others.  After a while, Aubrey remembered that there was a man named Desmond Wilson, who was Hoover’s aide and had retired months before the alleged documents were supposedly destroyed. Wilson was the missing link, and he had the files. They also discovered that Wilson had died sixteen years ago — the same date when the entire conspiracy began.

Aubrey and Hodgins then paid a visit to Wilson’s home, where he had built a fall out shelter on. Inside the fall out shelter, Hodgins discovered a paper that dated back to the 1950s, and Aubrey found a piece of wire that was actually part of a wire recording. Back at the Jeffersonian, they played the wire, and to their surprise, heard the voice of President John F. Kennedy talking to his men in the White House regarding the Cuban missile crisis.

Back at the FBI, Booth discovered that the Wilson’s property was owned by a company called Burdett, which was also one of Sanderson’s many companies. Aubrey combed the archives for documents relating to Hoover and Wilson, which he brought to the restaurant where he ate lunch with Booth and Bones.

Bones, who had joined them a little bit later informed them that they had found foreign DNA in Cooper’s marrow, which most probably had come from his killer. Looking at the files around her, she took up a picture and asked why Glenn Durant was there in a picture with Desmond Wilson. They then realized that Durant was Wilson’s stepson, whom he had probably groomed in order to take possession of the files and to continue their mission. Bones also deduced that the DNA they had found in Cooper’s bone marrow was most probably Durant’s.

They then paid a visit to Durant, who told them his ideology that the only remaining patriots were men like his stepfather and Hoover, who had wanted to return the country to what the Founding Fathers had originally intended for the country — to be ruled by an educated elite. Booth, frustrated at everything that had just happened, punched Durant in the face so that he would have enough blood to be used as a sample to test against the DNA in the bone marrow, which was found to be a match.

They then arrested Durant but realized that he could still use the files in order to blackmail people to get his own way. Booth, Aubrey and Bones then tried to think the way Sweets would think in order to decipher his notes on the case. They then realized that since Durant was devoted to his cause, so much that it was almost like a religion, he would hide his files someplace he considered sacred or holy, which was what was meant by the cross sign. They then deduced that the person Durant had thought of as “holy” was J. Edgar Hoover himself. Thanks to this, they deduced that the files were hidden in J. Edgar Hoover’s office, which was preserved at the Jeffersonian. Upon close examination of the office, they discovered all of the files that Hoover, Wilson and Durant had worked so hard to compile.

As everything was all over, the team decided that it was time to lay Sweets to rest. They had a picnic at the spot where Daisy had told Sweets that he was going to be a father, and they had all had pizza, which was his favorite food. Bones then gave a small speech, as she said that she believed that Sweets was still present with them, as he would always be a part of them and because they had been influenced by him. She went on to say that none of them would be who they were today without him. Case in point, without him, Booth and Bones would have never gotten married. She then admitted that despite being scientific and rational, thanks to him, she now knew that love was something beyond reason and that loving each other was the reason that they were alive. Booth then remembered that Sweets loved music and that he had a favorite song that he used to sing all of the time — the Coconut Song. As the entire team sang the song together, Daisy released Sweets’ ashed into the wind.

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