Bones Recap: The 200th in the 10th

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Bones Recap: The 200th in the 10th
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Bones” Season 10 Episode 10 “The 200th in the 10th” aired last Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In the milestone 200th episode of “Bones,” the entire Jeffersonian and FBI team went back to the 1950s, as the episode was set in an alternate universe in Los Angeles in 1950. In this episode, Detective Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) set out to uncover the real truth behind the death of wealthy heiress Eva Braga, in a bid to prove to her father, the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. She was a good detective and to help prove that renowned jewel thief Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) did not murder Ms. Braga. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode started with a news clip from the 1950s. The clip showed actors David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel getting their hands immortalized in cement in front of the theatre where their tenth film together, was being shown. After the guest and stars settled down, the film, entitled “Bones,” began.

The film began with Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Detective Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) driving along a long scenic route during the evening in Los Angeles, to a beautiful mansion. They arrived separately with Booth arriving ahead of Detective Brennan. As Brennan got out of the car, a newspaper with a picture of Booth and a caption saying that he, a renowned jewel thief, was in Los Angeles.

Booth managed to sneak upstairs without getting caught by Brennan. Brennan entered the house as stealthily as she could, but sometimes made some noise, which caused the maid, Camille (Tamara Taylor), to check on her mistress, Eva Braga. Booth managed to open the safe, but something was definitely wrong as smoke came out from the safe. After peeking inside, he managed to sneak out the front door before Camille came to check on the safe. Outside, on the balcony, Brennan saw Booth exiting the house. As soon as he saw her, he smiled and gave her a little salute. However, she ran back into the house. She found the maid screaming while looking inside the safe. Inside, Brennan saw the remains of what used to be Eva Bragga.  

At the Los Angeles Police Department, Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry), a reporter from the Los Angeles Herald, tried to take a picture of Brennan. One of the stenographers, Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), told her that the chief, who was also Brennan’s father was pretty upset. Inside her father’s office, he told her that not only was she pulled off the case, she was also suspended. He then told her that Inspector Aldo Clemens (Mather Zickel) from Interpol was going to “take the lead on this case.” Her father also did not believe her when she insisted that Booth did not kill Eva. She was told that if she wanted to still work there, to take the desk beside Angela. However, Angela encouraged Brennan to prove her father wrong.

At the Grand Court Hotel, Booth was surprised to see that Brennan had sneaked into his hotel room, and was pointing a gun at him. She told him that since she was the only one who believed that he didn’t kill Eva, that it would be good for them to work together. She would be able to prove her father wrong, and he would be able to clear his name. Both of them then agreed to work together, and drank a martini to it.

The next day, Brennan took Booth to the museum. Professor Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and his assistant, Dr. Edison Clark (Eugene Byrd), were studying and putting together a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Velociraptor. Brennan was able to get the Professor’s attention after she revealed that she was quite knowledgeable about dinosaur bones. She then told him that he might be able to help them solve their case. She argued that since he was able to figure out the cause of death of dinosaurs, then he would be able to do the same with murder victims. She then gave him some particulates which she had stolen from the murder scene. From that, the Professor and Dr. Edison were able to conclude that somebody had blown up the bones in order to “obscure the evidence.” However, they needed more bones in order to truly discover what had happened to the murder victim. Brennan challenged Booth to steal the rest of the remains from the evidence storage unit. On the drive back to the museum, Brennan revealed to Booth that “science is a hobby of mine.”

Meanwhile, during Angela’s lunch break, she and Wendell went to the lobby of a hotel in order to talk to Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat), a renowned jewel fence. There, he revealed to them that Eva Braga had sold six of her jewels to him legally when she had returned to Los Angeles from Rio. He then told them that Booth would have never murdered anyone, especially a lady.

Afterwards, Brennan received a telephone call from Angel. She told her that she would try to “lift the carbons of the files coming from Interpol,” and would drop it off at her place after work. As they still had some time to spare, Booth took her to see Sarge (Billy Gibbons), whom he gave some money to, and insisted on staying for a while to listen to some of his music.

At the laboratory, Hodgins and Edison were able to lay out all the remains on a table. Hodgins then realized that they would need to get some beetles to help them out. The beetles, a particular kind of beetle, would be able to eat the remaining tissue on the bones. It would leave them with fresh and new bones that they would be able to examine. However, before they went off to get some, Edison noticed that the clavicle of the victim had something on it, that wasn’t due to the explosion. Later on, the bones were stripped of their flesh. They discovered that Eva had died due to blunt force trauma to the skull. They also determined that she had been dead before she had been placed inside the safe, which was then blown up.

That night, Brennan fixed a place for Booth on her couch. However, when the doorbell rang, she forced him to hide in her bedroom. However, Angela knew that Booth was there, and told Brennan not to let Booth sleep on the couch. She then gave her the files and told her that Eva used to date a “playboy in Brazil called James Aubrey III (John Boyd). She then said goodbye to Booth and told him to take care of her. Afterwards, Booth told Brennan “to get dressed." They had to go to The Velvet Fox as he knew that Aubrey goes there. He then revealed that he “almost robbed him once, when he had money”.

At the Velvet Fox, Booth quickly introduced Brennan to Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher), who owned the club. She pointed them to Aubrey, she was seated with her latest sweetheart (Carla Gallo). He then told them that he had nothing to do with her death, and to talk to the Cuban, Rodolfo Fuentes (Ignacio Serracchio), with whom Eva had had an affair with on the boat. The Cuban also had a wife (Laura Spencer), who also happened to be the singer at the club tonight. Caroline then came to warn them that the police were there. Brennan then distracted the police so that Booth could escape without getting caught by the police. After dancing with several ladies, Booth pulled the singer into the office and asked her if she had anything to do with Eva’s death. Because of this, she learned that her husband had been having an affair on the boat. Sarge then showed up and collected Booth, as Brennan was already in the car.

Next morning, Brennan asked Booth if he was protecting Sarge from the police. Booth then told her that both he and Sarge had seen too much killing in the war. He also told her that he took care of Sarge, the same way that he protected him “on Omaha beach.” After a phone call from Angela, Brennan told Booth that the police were on their way to find them. One of the police inspectors who was at the Velvet Fox had spotted her with him.  

In the laboratory, after comparing Eva’s clothes with her remains, Hodgins and Edison discovered that the remains weren’t of Eva’s as the shoes and clothes did not match. Brennan then decided to send Angela over to the museum to work on a sketch of the victim based on the measurements that Hodgins had taken, which could be drawn into a sketch by Angela, who was an artist. Booth then showed the sketch to Aubrey, but before he could say anything, he was stabbed in the back. Booth managed to pry out the knife from Aubrey’s back, but because he was holding the knife, everyone thought that he was the killer, forcing him to flee, leaving Brennan behind.

A furious Brennan then went to the Velvet Fox to talk to Caroline. There, she learned that Booth only stole from those who had made money thanks to the war. He took care of veterans like Sarge who did not have any money at all, and informed her that Eva was his last “job”. Hodgins then called Brennan, and informed her that they had discovered that the victim had died three hours before the explosion, which meant that Booth did not kill Eva. Hodgins also revealed that the victim had died as a result of being pushed down the stairs. He then went on to thank Brennan, as she claimed that she had just “opened a new branch of forensic science.” Booth then arrived with the singer and her husband, Rodolfo. They were then told by Rodolfo that the woman, Eva, whom he had an affair with was “tall, dark and exotic.” Because of this, Brennan realized that the maid, Camille, had murdered Eva, who was the victim. Camille had stolen Eva’s jewelry and had posed as her on the boat. She then murdered Aubrey as he knew how the real Eva looked like. She had decided to frame Booth as she knew that he stole from families like Eva’s, who made money off of the war.

When they got to the house, Brennan used one of the crystals from the lamp by the telephone in order to look for blood spatter on the staircase, which she did find. However, she was not able to arrest Camille as she held them at gunpoint, and locked both Booth and Brennan in the closet. After a while, she forced Brennan out, leaving Booth locked inside. He then managed to escape, and discovered the airfield where Camille was going to to get on her getaway plane.

At the airfield, Camille paid the pilot, and made him carry the unconscious Brennan, who was in a body bag, onto the plane. She then planned to throw her body into the ocean.   

Meanwhile, at the Police Department, Angela, Hodgins and Wendell told Brennan’s father the truth behind Eva Braga’s murder. As he believed them, he kicked out Aldo from the case. Hodgins then called Angela “beautiful,” which made her blush.

Meanwhile, Booth managed to get onto the plane, as the plane door was half open. He managed to knock out the pilot, and managed to stop Camille from throwing Brennan out of the plane. The two then struggled to get to the jewel case, which started to fall out of the plane. Because of this, Camille went after it. Booth tried to save her, but she fell as she would not let go of the jewel case. After freeing Brennan from the body bag, Booth took control of the plane, and they flew off into the sunset.

Next day, Brennan was awarded with honors. Her father told her that she was being asked to head the “new forensic anthropology department.”  Because of this, Booth joked that he would call her “Bones.” After she told Booth that she “couldn’t have done it” without him, the two posed for a picture which was taken by Wendell.

Later that night, Brennan gave the jewels to Sarge, who thanked her. Afterwards, the two kissed in the moonlight, and in front of the beautiful night view of Los Angeles.

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