Bones Recap: The Lost Love in a Foreign Land

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Bones Recap: The Lost Love in a Foreign Land
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“Bones” Season 10 Episode 6 “The Lost Love in a Foreign Land” aired last Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) investigated a murder which led them to unearth a ring of human traffickers who brought in Asians as slaves to the United States. Meanwhile, Dr. Camille “Cam” Sayoran (Tamala Taylor) and her boyfriend, Arastoo Varziri (Pej Vahdat), had a small fight at work after Bones turned down his dissertation proposal. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Cam and Dr. Arastoo. He was excited as that day was the day in which his mentor, Bones, would give her verdict regarding his dissertation proposal. He was hoping that she would like it, as he had picked a topic that she had talked about in the previous National Science Forensics Convention. He then told Cam that the fact that his mother had sent her a recipe on a Persian dish usually cooked at weddings meant that she was hinting that she wanted them to get married. However, they started to disagree as Arastoo said “when we get married,” while Cam said “if.” But before they could say anything else to each other, Cam was called to a crime scene.

A dead body was found in a field, where the team deduced that the victim had died around six or seven days ago, a female, around 20 years old and Asian. FBI Special Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd) discovered that there were drag marks that led up to the road and that the victim had bled out considerably before she died. Aubrey and Dr. Jack Hodgins (TJ Thyne) then had to work together in order to catch the goats in the area as the goats ate most of the clothes of the victim, which meant that they would have to get the evidence from their waste.

At the Jeffersonian, Cam found that Arastoo had already tested the teeth of their victim. To their surprise, they discovered that the victim was malnourished, Chinese, had osteoporosis and was missing some of her toes. Before Bones left that area, Arastoo stopped her, as he was trying to hint that he wanted to know whether his dissertation proposal had been approved. So that he would not get “distracted” by worrying, Bones told him that she had rejected his proposal.

At the FBI, Aubrey told Booth that most of the items they had retrieved belonged to a man and that she had been wearing some kind of uniform, which made them believe that the victim had been a thief. This was further confirmed after Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) ran the serial numbers of the watch that had been found on the victim. It belonged to a woman named Sandra Zins (Phyllis Logan). Angela’s husband, Hodgins, also gave her some pieces of photo paper to piece together, which he had gotten from the goat waste.

After showing the watch and the facial reconstruction of the victim, Sandra Zins identified the watch as hers and told them that the victim’s name was Min Young or Teresa. She had been working as a maid to Sandra for three months already. Sandra then informed them that she had been wanting to help Min Young out as Sandra spoke a little Chinese as she had worked in Asia before in an International Relief Agency and because she knew how hard it was to be an immigrant, as she was English. She also informed them that she had hired Min Young from Sunny Helpers, which was owned by a man named Victor Lee.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Cam confronted Bones regarding Arastoo’s rejected dissertation proposal and told her that he had chosen that particular topic to please her. Bones then told Cam that someone as accomplished as him should lead research in a new direction. After a while, Cam, as she could not see the point Bones was making, left.

Back at the FBI, Aubrey and Booth questioned Victor Lee. He told them that he had founded Sunny Helpers ten years ago and that Min Young had been with him for three years already. He showed them all the paperwork, which was legal, and told them that she was not the first ever to steal. He also mentioned that Min Young had complained about a client named Jeremy Walford who had been hitting on her. They also discovered that she had been working at his house the day she had disappeared and that he was a registered sexual offender.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Arastoo discovered that Min Young’s wrists were dislocated, which meant that she had been tied up, and she had tried to escape. They also found markers of sexual assault in her remains. Bones then told Arastoo that Cam had gone to her regarding his rejected dissertation proposal and told him that she had told Cam that she knew that he was more capable of creating a better and more original proposal. After hearing this, he told her that he trusted her judgment, which was why he had asked her to be his mentor. 

Arastoo then confronted Cam about it and told her that it felt like she was trying to protect him, which meant that she lacks faith and respect in him. He also then mentioned that it seemed like she was avoiding the topic of marriage, which he found disconcerting.

At the interrogation room, Booth and Aubrey learned that Walford did not have an alibi for the night that Min Young had been murdered, but he assured them that he did not do anything to Min Young. In a gesture of good faith, he told them that she would take the 22 bus home which went towards Highland Town.

Based on that information, and other information that they were able to gather from the particulates that were gathered, she lived in a house near a bat cave.

The FBI then discovered that the house belonged to Victor Lee and that he had several Asian women in his basement, whom he kept as slaves. They then learned that he had routinely beat the women and threatened their families if they did not cooperate with him. Tammy, the spokesperson of the group and a manicurist, told Booth that Min Young had last been seen last Monday night. They were also aided by the State Department, as it was their job to figure out what their legal statuses would now be.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Arastoo was shocked that things that like that still happened. This case was close to him, as he was also an immigrant. He then told Bones that he had discovered some blunt force trauma in the ribs and sternum, which was consistent with the fact that she had been beaten up.

Later, Angela was able to piece together the photo paper that Hodgins had given to her. With Bones’ help, they were able to identify him as Sung Dae Park, a man from Min Young’s village, who was wanted in their hometown for the murder of Min Young’s father. Booth and Aubrey discovered that Sung Dae Park worked as a construction worker.

However, when they brought him in, he seemed surprised and deeply affected that his Min Young was dead. It turned out that he had killed Min Young’s father, as he was selling her out to different men in the village. He also informed them that he and Min Young had been engaged. He had left their country in order to make enough money to bring Min Young to the United States so that they could lead a new life together there. However, the construction company he had worked for had taken away his papers, and he was not allowed to contact his fiancée, Min Young. This meant that Min Young had gone to the United States in a bid to locate her missing lover.

Bones however, was not satisfied with their examination of Min Young’s remains as she bothered by the fact they did not know why she had bled to death. Because of this, Arastoo thanked Bones for always challenging him to work harder.  Bones then noticed something odd with the bone that she had picked up. When Arastoo took a look at it, he found the cause of Min Young’s death — a tiny puncture wound. Based on the swabs that Hodgins took, and the comparison of their data to possible weapons, they were able to identify the murder weapon as a cuticle pusher. Booth, who had been informed of this development by Bones, realized that she had solved the murder.

He then had Tammy and her translator brought in. It turned out that Tammy had killed Min Young and had used her bag strap to drag Min Young’s body from the road to where they had found her. It turned out that Victor had discovered that Min Young had been sneaking out of the house in order to look for Sung Dae Park. He then had threatened to hurt their family members back home. As Min Young refused to stop looking for Sung, she killed her in order to protect her daughter back home.

They also arrested Sandra Zins, as it turned out that she owned both the construction company Sung Dae Park worked at and Sunny Helpers, thus allowing hundreds of Asian women and men to be trafficked to the United States to be treated as slaves.

 Back at the Jeffersonian, Cam and Arastoo made up, and he told her that Bones had approved his new dissertation topic — Forensic Methods to Prove Human Rights Atrocities. Cam then told him that she would try to be more comfortable in talking about marriage and told him that she had made the Persian wedding dish that his mother had sent a recipe of to her. Angela then persuaded her husband, Hodgins, to go home early, as she just wanted to give their son a big hug.

Later that night, Booth told Bones to never let him take for granted the fact that they were so lucky in life. Bones then told him that because of this, many more who would have been slaves would now be free men and women. She also told him that she could not stop thinking of Min Young’s quest for Sung. She realized that she could have been so driven in her work that she would have missed out living a life with Booth. Booth then played a song on their jukebox and invited her to dance with him.

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