Bones Recap: The Puzzler in the Pit

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Bones Recap: The Puzzler in the Pit
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“Bones” Season 10 Episode 8 “The Puzzler in the Pit” aired on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, the Jeffersonian team and FBI Special Agents Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and James Aubrey (John Boyd) investigated the death of a master puzzler, whose remains had been found in a fracking pit. Meanwhile, the entire team and Booth became worried for Daisy Wicks (Carla Gallo), who was going to give birth soon, but only seemed to trust the advice of her doula, Valentina (Mindy Cohn). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Dr. Camille Saroyan (Tamala Taylor) and Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), as they welcomed Daisy Wicks (Carla Gallo), back into the Jeffersonian. She looked like she was ready to pop, but according to her doula, Valentina (Mindy Cohn), she wasn’t due for another two weeks. This greatly surprised them, and Angela remembered how crazy she had gotten at that stage in her pregnancy. However, Daisy, before setting up the remains on the platform, informed them that her doula had assured her that she won’t need words to communicate with her baby.

In the Brennan-Booth household, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) got Christine’s old baby things ready to give to Daisy, while her husband, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) solved a crossword puzzle. They were then called up by their respective bosses regarding the same victim — a body that had been found in a fracking pit.

At the Jeffersonian, Bones told Daisy that she had brought in some of Christine’s old things for her, and Daisy, to Bones’ surprise, told her that the baby could feel her generosity. They then deduced, based on the remains, that their victim was male and that he had been in his late 40s. However, they were surprised when they saw Cam’s uploaded photos of the initial crime scene, as the remains in the picture had more tissue than what was in front of them. Dr. Jack Hodgins (TJ Thyne) solved the mystery by informing them that the water in the pit had higher levels of hydrochloric acid that fracking company’s use, which was why the tissue on the remains had disappeared so quickly. Thankfully, Hodgins was able to stop the rest of the tissue from being eaten up by pouring baking soda all over the remains.

While Daisy and Bones were cleaning out the Bones, Hodgins told them that the body might have been placed in the pit recently and gave Cam the cast that Daisy and Bones had found on the victim’s left leg, as there was a piece of fabric with some blood on it that she could run tests on. They then discovered that they could narrow down the identity of the victim, as the victim had a head injury and a plastic polymer at the back of his skull. This procedure was delicate, and there were only two successful recorded cases in the United States. Afterwards, Bones told her not to feel overwhelmed with all the things that she had brought. Daisy then reassured her that everything would be all right, as the baby would tell her what toys he was attracted to and informed them that her doula had told her that she had the baby would be able to communicate with each other.

At the FBI headquarters, they both, Booth and FBI Special Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd), had to rule out the fracking site manager as his alibi was checked out. Aubrey then left to interview the other employees at the site.

Back at the Jeffersonian Angela was able to identify the victim as puzzle master Lawrence Brooks. Cam then revealed that she was a big fan of his puzzles and that he was a recluse. At the FBI headquarters, Emilia Brooks, Lawrence’s wife, revealed that she hadn’t reported her husband missing as she had thought that he was off writing a crossword puzzle and had seen last seen his the previous morning. She then directed them towards Alexis Sherman (Alison Haislip), his assistant, who was ambitious and resented the fact that Lawrence never let her write her own puzzles. In fact, Lawrence had promised to make her co-editor soon, which gave her motive.

With the help of Cam, Daisy and Angela were able to pinpoint that some of the handwriting on Lawrence’s cast was not his handwriting. Afterwards, they deduced that the words, which were clues to a puzzle, could be a message from his killer as the list of words included despise, hate, blood feud, avenge, vendetta, punish, attack, payback and justice.

Afterwards, Angela went over to Bones’ office and asked her for help to talk some sense into Daisy, as she, following her doula’s advice, had gone to buy crystals to channel positive energy into her womb to make the birth painless, which was strange as Daisy had once asked for general anesthesia just for a tooth procedure. Angela told Bones that she would go with Daisy to her doctor’s appointment and suggested that Bones keep on telling Daisy that she was being foolish.

At Lawrence’s office, Alexis told Aubrey and Booth that she would have never have hurt Lawrence as she did love her job. She then revealed that a threatening message to Lawrence had been recorded on their office telephone and that, at the same time, a man whom she had labeled as a stalker started showing up. They were able to trace the call to the lobby of a nearby hotel, and thanks to the forensic sketch artist and Alexis’ description, they picked up a man named Emory Stewart (Sean Marquette), who had graduated with a double degree in Computer Science and Cryptography. Aubrey then revealed that ever since his parents had died in a car accident two years ago, he had started to act out, as he had several charges against him. However, they learned from him that he had been following Lawrence as he had wanted to speak to him as he was writing a book on Lawrence. He then gave them his manuscript and told him to question Donald McKeon, Lawrence’s college roommate who was jealous of Lawrence’s fame, as his puzzles were bad and cheap.

Back at the Jeffersonian, while Hodgins and Daisy tested a piece of pork in several solutions of hydrochloric acid and mud to figure out the exact time of death, he asked her if she did really believe in all the new-age stuff that her doula advocated. She then told him that she was just trying it out. Hodgins then told her that he and the others didn’t want her to push us away as she might be afraid of losing someone else. They then found the right solution that perfectly matched the how their remains had looked like, which placed the time of death between 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. the previous day.

At the laboratory, Daisy and Bones discovered that the victim’s bone density was very low, which caused the extensive amount of fractures he had sustained over the past two years. Bones then decided that they should perform a biopsy on the bone marrow of the victim to learn more. Before Daisy left for her doctor’s appointment, Bones told her that believing in her doula was foolish and got reassured by the fact that she was meeting up with a real doctor. Daisy then told her that she was trying to find a way to connect to him (the baby), without Lance being around.

At the doctor’s office, Angela informed Daisy and her doula, Valentina (Mindy Cohn) that her son was fine even if she screamed during the birthing process and had an epidural. Valentina then refused to allow Angela to accompany them into the doctor’s office so that their energies wouldn’t mix.

At the interrogation room, Donald McKeon admitted to sending the threatening voicemail as he had been threatening to take legal action against Lawrence as he had published a puzzle that he had asked Lawrence to take a look at.  However, he insisted that he did not murder Lawrence.

Back at the Jeffersonian, they discovered that Lawrence had been assaulted two months ago as it looked like his fingers were broken, as if someone had tortured him. Cam then revealed to them that based on the bone marrow results that Lawrence had Alzheimer’s as traces of medication used to treat the sickness was found. This led them to question how he was still able to make puzzles if he was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

They then confronted Emilia about it, who revealed to them that she had been publishing his older puzzles that had never gotten published and that she had accidentally published Donald’s puzzle by mistake. She had not come forward about it before as Lawrence had wanted to keep his condition under wraps. She then revealed that they were broke and that her husband did not know what he had done with all the money that he had as he was worth over a million dollars.  

Cam and Angela then traced the missing money in his bank account to an online gambling site, which explained why his fingers had gotten broken. They then discovered that you could actually meet up with the bookie. Because of this, Angela hacked into the site, created an account for Aubrey, who then placed a bet on a horse on an upcoming race. However, when Booth heard that Aubrey had taken the initiative to do so, he got a little testy, as he claimed that he should be the one to do it. However, Aubrey, who knew from Booth’s file that he had been a gambling addict before, told him that under no circumstance would he let Booth do so, as he knew that doing so would break up Booth’s sobriety from gambling. After Aubrey met the bookie, they discovered that Lawrence had been bankrolling Alexis, who had a gambling problem. However, she did not murder him but had taken advantage of the fact that he had Alzheimer’s to use his accounts and money to gamble. They then had to rule her out as the murderer as Alexis was not strong enough to snap his neck, as Daisy discovered that the cause of death was a broken neck.

Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian team and Booth gathered around Daisy at the hospital, as her contractions were starting. She then threw out her doula out of the room and insisted that she wanted shiny machines and an epidural. Booth tried to get out of the room as he hated seeing someone in pain, but Daisy insisted that he stay. Bones then got Daisy to focus on the case so to distract her while waiting for her doctor. Daisy then solved the case after realizing that Lawrence only had offensive wounds and that the blood they had found which they had thought was Lawrence’s could easily be from someone related to him, such as an offspring, as the blood had been a partial match. They then deduced that he had been pushed to his death, as a mere push with someone with brittle bones could cause his death.

Aubrey, who had discovered that Lawrence had a son whom he had to give up before, thanks to Emory’s manuscript, unsealed Lawrence’s son’s adoption records, which led them to discover that Emory was Lawrence’s son. Emory then revealed that he had called Lawrence up and confronted him about it on the day Lawrence had died after he had gone on a walk. Lawrence had then acted as if he didn’t know about it and started lashing out at Emory. Emory then shoved Lawrence from him, which caused him to roll down the hill, which killed him. As Emory had gotten scared, he dumped Lawrence’s body in the fracking pit and poured acid all over him. After learning that Lawrence had Alzheimer’s, he cried.

Meanwhile, Daisy successfully gave birth and announced to the world that her son’s name was Seeley Lance Wicks Sweets.

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