‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: ‘Bones’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Crossover Happening!

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: ‘Bones’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Crossover Happening!
Bones premieres October 1st

“Bones” season 11 is worth the wait as it is reportedly going in for a crossover with “Sleepy Hollow.” Both the hit shows are coming together to astound you in an X-Files like feel. Fall can’t come any sooner for fans of both the shows.

“Bone”s season 11 renewal has been welcomed with a sigh of relief especially after the previous season was ended on almost a cliffhanger. The show’s future hung on a slim thread, but the creators didn’t want to disappoint their loyal fans who had stuck to the show for a decade. Also, they felt leaving the story on a note from where it couldn’t be restarted would be a bad idea as well. But the news of the renewal, confirmation of Brennan and Booth returning as well as this crossover has generated quite a buzz among the fans.

“Bones” EP Michael Peterson was quoted as saying: “The ‘’Bones’’-‘’Sleepy Hollow’’ crossover is like a great episode of The X-Files, where the “Bones” hour is the Scully, logic-based perspective and the “Sleepy Hollow” hour is more Fox Mulder-esque. Put them together, and it’s going to be a great two-hour event that fans of both programs are going to love.”

To bring more excitement to the new season, Givememyremote has revealed that Kim Raver known as a star for hit series 24 is joining the series as FBI Special Agent Grace Miller. Raver’s character will investigate the disappearance of FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. She has been roped in for the first two episodes of the new season. Stephen Nathan, departing showrunner, has admitted that the show’s future was hanging in balance which was the reason last season had an open ending. He also revealed there were plans to make time jumps between the seasons.

“Bones” season 11 returns Thursday, October 1st at 8 PM on Fox.

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