‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: Premiere Episode Crossover With ‘Sleepy Hallows?’ Ichabod Crane To Guest Star?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: Premiere Episode Crossover With ‘Sleepy Hallows?’ Ichabod Crane To Guest Star?
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It looks like having a mind-bending crossover plot between two different TV series is the trend now as “Bones” and “Sleepy Hallows” creator’s are planning to make one.

FOX people are brewing up an unexpected crossover between two of their popular original TV series. The crossover plot is set to be released for the network’s later 2015-16 season.

It was revealed that one of the episodes of the long-running crime procedural series, “Bones” season 11 will feature the historical fantasy thriller characters of “Sleepy Hallows,” and in return, the medico-legal lab experts will visit the unusual strange town in New York when the series returns for its third season.

Though FOX people revealed their plans for the next season, the details of the crossover story have not yet been disclosed. No one knows which characters would appear in each episode; will it be either I

The 1700 soldier will solve a mystery together with the comedy-drama FBI, Seeley Booth, or Dr. Temperance Brenan will help Abbie Mills in investigating a new crime in the Sleepy Hallow town in New York. Though reports say that both TV series will have an episode each to feature the said crossover.

This idea of FOX is definitely a must-watch as this is the very first time that two separate shows set in entirely different periods will have a crossover plot together. Usually crossovers are done between two same programs like what happened to “NCIS” and “CSI” franchises.

Though fans are very excited to watch the crossover episodes of both series, it was reported that FOX network pushed back the release in the later season due to several factors that made it impossible for them to execute the plans and release it early in the season.

Meanwhile, writer Michael Peterson revealed the title of the premiere episode of “Bones” season 11, “The Revelations in the Remains.”

Both shows will return to our screens on October 11.

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