‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: The Return of Brennan and Booth; and Jeffery – Hodgin’s Brother!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: The Return of Brennan and Booth; and Jeffery – Hodgin’s Brother!

American Crime Comedy-Drama TV series “Bones” will be coming back with Season 11 on Fox which will premiere on October 1, 2015. The forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, FBI case file based investigation drama had left its fan with Brennan and Booth both moving on from their careers at the Jeffersonian and the FBI. While, Angela and Hodgins decided not to move to Paris and stay at the Jeffersonian, the team keeps on investigating the remains of a possible dependent of serial killer Christopher Pelant.

With the new season on role soon, the fans are excited to know as to what’s in store for the new upcoming “Bones” Season 11. Showrunner Stephen Nathan spilled the beans on the renewed season 11 for “Bones” and has spilled on many spoilers for the fans.

*Spoiler Alert*

Return of Brennan and Booth:

“Bones” Season 11 will not only bring Brennan and Booth back in the game with a new investigation but also Hodgins’ brother Jeffery. The new season of “Bones” will see a six-month time jump. The time jump will have the Jeffersonians’ adjusting to life without Brennan and Booth. Their return for a new mystery to be investigated with their former colleagues will bring a lot of adjusting for both Brennan and Booth.


Jonno Roberts in “Bones” Season 11

Hodgin’s brother Jeffery was very much set to return to the show but the actor, Jonno Roberts unavailability due to date issues had postponed the plans. But, now with new season of “Bones”, Jeffery will come back and continue playing the role of psychitzo affective disorder guy.

As per previous season of “Bones” TV Series, Jonno Roberts as Jeffery is Dr. Hodgin’s elder brother. He had been  a secret and Hodgins’ millions is the trust fund supporting Jeffery’s care. The two are the only living heir and Hodgin’s have no hatred towards Jeffery who suffers from psychitzo affective disorder, and through the continuing character development of recurring squint. Even though, Jeffery is mentally ill, he is bright, creative and harmless to himself and others.

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