Border Control Seizes Methamphetamines and Cash

By admin | 6 years ago

Last week, in two separate incidents the U.S. Border Patrol said it seized large sums of cash and a number of methamphetamines. The security agency said that in the first incident they located a smuggling attempt close to San Clemente, resulting in the seizure of over 22 pounds of methamphetamine. Early Thursday morning, the border agents stopped a U.S. citizen who was driving on Interstate 5.

Upon stopping the car, the agents summoned a K-9 unit to the scene. A cursory inspection followed resulting in the canine unit alerting the police of something suspicious. Agents then searched the bumper area of the car and located two bundles of the narcotics close to the frame railings. The narcotics weighed over 22 pounds and were estimated to have a street value of over $445,000.

The second incident that took place was nearby and occurred at almost the same time as the other one. Agents who were patrolling Interstate 15 confiscated over $270,000 in cash. Agents stopped a 2002 Honda driven by a U.S. citizen that was headed south on Interstate 15.

Again, a K-9 unit was called in to inspect the car and alerted the agents. A search ensued and the border patrol located $270,800 in the quarter panels of the car on the passenger’s side. The seven bundles of cash and the suspect were then taken into custody. He was then turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further investigation.

Authorities were not clear as to where the money originated from or whether the man committed an illicit act.

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