Border Patrol Changes Strategy

By admin | 7 years ago

Border Patrol agents from the U.S. have unveiled their first change of strategy in nearly eight years. They said the new strategy was aimed at being more nimble as the number of illegal immigrants crossing over the borders is plummeting. The new plans will include more intelligence gathering, more cooperation with other agencies of law enforcement and quicker ways to deploy units to combat bigger risks.


The new plan shifts from a strategy of deploying larger numbers of agents in the trouble areas. Since the 2004, when the last strategy was implemented, the corps of agents has nearly doubled with close to 21,000 agents now employed and there has been a huge investment in aircraft, boats, cameras as well as other surveillance equipment.


The theme for the new plan is to use information with integration and quick response to meet any threats. The new plan also reflects on the different conditions along the border today between Mexico and the U.S. as opposed to eight years ago. Immigration has slowed to a trickle compared to back then and arrests along the southwestern border area were down by almost 80% from their highest year of 2000. Violent crime is also way down from previous years.

A recent survey performed by the Pew Hispanic Center said that the wave of immigration from Mexico to the U.S. has come to nearly a complete halt and might just be in reverse, more Mexicans are returning to their homeland compared to those crossing into the U.S.

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