‘Boruto: Naruto The Movie’ To Be Released In The US On October 10, Start Preordering Your Tickets

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Boruto: Naruto The Movie’ To Be Released In The US On October 10, Start Preordering Your Tickets

“Boruto: Naruto The Movie,” which released in Japan on August 7, was no doubt a splinter that broke all its franchise box office records by earning 680 million Yen in just three days. The new movie outperformed its previous “The Last: Naruto the movie’s” performance by 115 percent. Now it’s another turn for this super hit movie to break the records of other Hollywood films once it hits the theaters in the United States in October 10 this year.

Naturo fans, based in the US will have to wait for over a month as already Viz Media and Eleven Arts are jointly working to accomplish all the pre-release works. The movie will be reportedly released in more than 80 cities around the US including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Birmingham, Washington DC, San Diego, Houston and Dallas just to name a few in original Japanese voice work.

If you are an English reader based in the US, don’t forget to preorder your tickets as early as possible. Say thanks to CrunchyRoll for listing down the cities where “Boruto: Naruto The Movie” will be released. You can also get the timing of the show in each city with an option to preorder your ticket.

Here is not the end of good news for the US-based Naruto fans. An announcement was cracked on Monday at Anime Expo in Los Angeles that the movie would be premiering at New York Comic Con. The event is going to take place at Jacob Javits Center in the New York City. Meanwhile, the movie is reportedly declared to be screened on Naruto, the main character’s birthday.

Masashi Kishimoto, the writer of the Japanese manga series, “Naruto,” will also be present at the Comic Con from October 8-10 as a featured guest. Don’t forget to watch the movie and let us know your feedback about it.

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