Bosch Recap: Blue Religion

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Bosch Recap: Blue Religion
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Bosch” Season 1 Episode 3 “Chapter Three: Blue Religion” aired on Feb. 13, 2015 on Amazon Studios. In this episode, Detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch’s (Titus Welliver) trial wrapped up. He got into an argument with rookie Police Officer Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching) over her actions the previous day. Meanwhile, Bosch and his partner, Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) were able to positively identify their victim. They even paid a visit to Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) in prison, to see if he was really telling the truth about killing the child. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up from where it left off in the previous episode. Detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver) and Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) discovered that Trent Nicholas (Rob Brownstein) had left a note. He said that he had killed himself because of “the press and the police” and wondered who would after “his kids.” Outside, Bosch confronted Tyler and congratulated him for driving Trent to kill himself. It was because of the article that he had released in the Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, in prison, Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) managed to get a fellow prisoner’s help in obtaining cell phone privileges from the warden.

Later that day, Bosch went over to Police Officer Julia Brasher’s (Annie Wersching) house for dinner. There, he marveled at the fact that she was a thrill seeker. The pictures on her wall showed that she mountain climbed and skydived. While they enjoyed a bottle of wine, Bosch told her off as her actions the previous day had been reckless. Because of this, they argued and she kicked him out of the house.

The next day, he and Edgar went over to Trent’s house in order to search the place. There, they discovered that he had been making donations to children’s charities as a way to atone for his past transgressions. These were “his kids.”

At Chief Irvin Irving’s (Lance Reddick) office, Bosch informed him that he didn’t believe that Trent had killed the boy. As the boy had been constantly abused, the one who had killed him was most likely someone he was close to, such as a family member. Irving then decided to go with the more accurate press statement over the statement that said that Trent was the boy’s killer.

At court, his trial finally wrapped up with the lawyer’s closing statements.

Back at the precinct, the Squad Commander told him to talk to Julia. She told him that a Sheila Delacroix had called in on the tip line.She had told them that her twelve-year-old brother had gone missing in 1994, and just had cranial surgery before he had disappeared. At the squad room, Lieutenant Grace Billets (Amy Aquino) encouraged Bosch to reconnect with his daughter.

Edgar and Bosch then went to meet Sheila Delacroix. She informed them that her brother, Arthur Delacroix had gone missing on May 4, 1994. She and her father had thought that he was trying to run away from home as some of his clothes were missing. She also told them that her father had reported Arthur missing at the police station. It was during that very same night and that Arthur had had cranial surgery before he vanished due to a skateboarding accident. They then borrowed some pictures of Arthur, and discovered that his father was Samuel Delacroix who currently lived in a trailer park. They learned that the mother, Christine Dorset, had walked out on them when they were younger. However, Arthur held on to anything of hers, which included the plastic starfish that they had found in the backpack. They discovered that the letter that they had found in the backpack might have been the letter that she had left him. After learning that Sheila had never moved house and got permission to get Arthur’s medical records from the hospital, they left.

Afterwards, Bosch took the medical records and Arthur’s photograph to Dr. William Golliher (Alan Rosenberg) in order to see if it was a match to the remains that they had found. Golliher confirmed it. He told Bosch that Arthur’s cranial surgery had been caused deliberately as someone had hit in the head and not because of a skateboarding accident. Bosch then revealed to him that he had his own kind of religion, something that he called “Blue Religion.” He believed that Arthur’s bones had resurfaced for him to find so that he could somehow right this wrong.

Back to the squad room, Edgar informed Bosch that the mother, now Christine Waters, had legally separated from Samuel in 1984 due to mental and physical cruelty. They discovered that the father had never reported Arthur to be missing. However, they were interrupted as Grace told Bosch that the District Attorney wanted to see him.

At the District Attorney’s office, he was greeted by the District Attorney and his Deputy, Lou Escobar. He informed him about Raynard Waits as Waits had claimed that Arthur had been his first ever kill. He wanted Bosch to go down to see Waits and to interview him so that he could see if he was telling the truth or not.

Back to the squad room, Detectives Johnson and Moore informed Edgar and Bosch that they had discovered no record of Waits until he got his driver’s license and business permits in 1994. They then went over to the coroner’s office, where they were told that Waits’ latest victim had been raped after he had died.

Afterwards, he met up with the Chief, who told him to try to see if he “could blow some holes into Waits’ confession.” He believed that the District Attorney was just “grandstanding” as he was planning to run for Mayor.

Later that night, he bought some flowers for Julia to apologize, and the two slept with each other again. He then told her that he used to have tattoos on his hands that read “Hold Fast.” He recounted that he had gotten shot in the shoulder years ago while he was chasing down some bank robbers.

The next day, at the prison, Waits informed Bosch that he admired him and that he had written him a ticket years ago. He then told them that he had seen Arthur on the street and had offered him a ride to the movies. He then had brought him to his “special place,” which was near a river, and then buried the body on Laurel Canyon. He then told them that he had strangled Arthur to death, which was not consisted with the actual cause of death. However, he knew that Arthur had a plastic starfish in his backpack which was something that they didn’t publicize. Afterwards, Bosch told Edgar that he knew that Waits was lying, but he didn’t know what his angle was and didn’t know how he knew about the starfish.

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