Bosch Recap: Lost Boys

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Bosch Recap: Lost Boys
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“Bosch” Season 1 Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: Lost Boys” aired last Feb. 13, 2015 on Amazon. In this episode, Detective Hieronymous “Harry “ Bosch (Titus Welliver) testified against Officer Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching) regarding John Stokes’ (John Hatosy) arrest, and later on discovered that Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick), might have been influenced by a book on the Parisian catacombs. Meanwhile, Waits took care of his ailing mother, and taunted Bosch yet again by telling him that they both came from the same place, which led Bosch to face his own past. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Back at the police station, Detective Hieronymous “Harry “ Bosch (Titus Welliver) told John Stokes (John Hatosy) to help him out by identifying the other boys with Arthur Delacroix in the picture that they had. He then told Bosch that he and Arthur had grown up in the same area. They were then interrupted as he was called in to give a statement, and told them that his vision had been blurry at that time, so he wasn’t sure about what exactly happened. Meanwhile, in the garage, Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) fixed a hood to the passenger seat of a car, so that he could claim another victim.

Bosch then paid a visit to Officer Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching), who was recovering from her gunshot wound. She then told him that she was going to say that Stokes had gone for her gun, and then it went off.

Meanwhile, Waits, who was really David Martinez, helped his sick mother, Irene  Saxon  (Veronica Cartwright) after she fell while trying to go to the bathroom. Later on, he tried to set up his mother to stay at an assisted living facility, and helped her with her oxygen tank, while she read a book on French Grammar. Apparently, it is because of her that he learnt to speak and read in French. Afterwards, while she was sleeping, he left her a Christmas present and drove off.

The next morning, District Attorney Richard O’Shea (Steven Culp) announced that his office and the police would cooperate with each other regarding Waits, and Bosch informed Lieutenant Grace Billets (Amy Aquino), that he believed that Julia’s gun had accidentally gone off for the third time as she had reached for it instead of her handcuffs. He then tried to get Julia to change her story, which she refused to do, and gave him no choice but to tell them what he saw- that Stokes’ hands were on the wall when the gun went off.  Because of this, he released Stokes, who gave him two other names of the boys in the picture-Kevin Anderson and Tom Parker.

Early the next morning, Waits tried to abduct a man drinking and going home, but he managed to escape as Waits had gotten distracted by a fire engine siren.The next day, his mother became irritable because she still didn’t have her glasses.

Later that night, Deputy Chief Irvin Irving (Lance Reddick) informed Bosch that he would henceforth have to look into both the Delacroix and the Waits case, and told him to report only to him.

The next day, he found a book in Waits’ apartment with skulls, and found several pictures of skulls similar to the ones in the book inside. That night, Waits called him again, and told him that they were alike, as they were “dogs from the same kennel”. The next day, he met up with Eleanor Wish (Sarah Clarke), who had come there for work, and told him that Waits saw him as a friend, and that he might be making his own catacomb.

Meanwhile, Irene ran out of medicine, and Waits went to the pharmacy to get her some, but left after the news in the store flashed his face on the screen.

Back at the station, Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) reviewed part of the video from the Waits field trip, which made Bosch realize that the two of them did have a connection, as he had mentioned getting punished by being placed in the “Trunk”, which was the nickname for solitary confinement at  the Youth McLaren Hall, where Bosch had grown up in. He then told Edgar to get all the files from a particular time period, and removed his thick file from the boxes. Inside, he remembered  getting punished in the Trunk, and being scared and running down a hall, with a man chasing after him with a bat.

Later that day, Irene woke up, and reassured her son that he was a good boy, and that she loved him, and that he wasn’t a disappointment to her. After she asked him to give him a kiss, he told her he loved her, sang a lullaby in French, and smothered her to death with one of her pillows as he told her that he loved her in French.

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