Bosch Recap: Us and Them

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Bosch Recap: Us and Them
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“Bosch” Season 1 Episode 10 “Chapter Ten: Us and Them” aired last Feb. 13, 2015 on Amazon Studios. In this episode, the entire Los Angeles Police Department raced against time to finally capture John Stoke, (John Hatosy) who murdered Arthur Delacroix. However, due to some events, Detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch’s (Titus Welliver) future became very uncertain. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver), fresh from shooting Reynard Waits (Jason Gedrick), was forced to see a court mandated psychiatrist to clear him. He then told the doctor that Waits was wrong in thinking that they were the same, as they had similar backgrounds. Bosch knew that he had gone down the right path, while Waits did not.

Afterwards, he watched from the sidelines as Arthur Delacroix was finally laid to rest. His older sister, Sheila (Jenica Bergere) regretted that she ever called them, and told them that she wouldn’t file any rape charges against her father. Christine Waters (Mary Page Keller), the mother, learned that Waits wasn’t her son’s murderer, and promised to help take care of the abandoned children that Nicholas Trent sponsored. Samuel Delacroix (Pat Skipper), on the other hand, demanded justice for his son.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Irvin Irving (Lance Reddick) learned that District Attorney Richcard O’Shea was going to impanel a grand jury for the Waits incident. After he confronted him about it, O’Shea told him that he would still do it as an assurance that Irving wouldn’t release the Waits video, and would help him win the upcoming mayoral election so that he could become the next Chief of Police.

The next day, Bosch called up his partner, Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) to check up a man named Joe Olivas, who vouched for John Stokes (John Hatosy) twice. He was on his way to Olivas’ property development office when Eleanor Wish (Sarah Clarke) called with the news that Maddie (Madison Lintz) had run away to Los Angeles to be with him. He then told Edgar to go alone, and he discovered that Stokes had been sent to scare away some squatters from a building that was supposed to be empty.

Meanwhile, Bosch scolded his daughter, and bought her pancakes to eat for breakfast. Afterwards, he brought her to Dr. Golliher (Alan Rosenberg) , where he left her, as he had to run over to Olivas’ building since Stokes had holed himself up inside. They somehow managed to arrest him. However, back at the precinct, he denied that he had killed Arthur, and told them that Arthur had fallen off a tree, when they all knew that he had bashed Arthur’s head in.

Afterwards, Bosch promised Maddie that they would spend time together, and she confessed that she had seen his McLaren file, and asked if it was true that he had gotten into fights, and tried to run away until his mother died. After confirming it, she told him that she was sorry that it had happened to him, and finally called him “dad”, and he called him “daughter,” right before she left with Eleanor.

The next morning, he was called into Irving’s office where he was told that O’Shea was impaneling a Grand Jury for the Waits case. He told him that Officer Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching) was being transferred to the Pacific Division in exchange for not filing a sexual harassment case against him.

Afterwards, at the District Attorney’s office, Edgar and Bosch learned that they couldn’t hold or charge Stokes because he was over the age limit to be prosecuted for a crime he committed as a juvenile. Because of this, Captain Pounds (Mark Derwin) taunted Bosch, and placed his hands on him, which caused Bosch to flip him through the Watch Commander’s office window. This gave a reason for Lieutenant Grace Billets (Amy Aquino) to suspend him. He then cleared out his desk and decided to put the department in his past so that he could go and visit Maddie.

The next morning, Edgar called him over to the Olivas property, where he showed him that Stokes had been shot by Delacroix, who learned from a reporter that justice hadn’t been served for his son.

Afterwards, he went home, took his packed bag and left his apartment.

And that was all for the recap of “Bosch” which aired Feb. 13, 2015 on Amazon Studios. For more news, updates and recaps on other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).


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