The Boss Baby: Subtle Hints Of Sibling Love And Political Satire

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
The Boss Baby: Subtle Hints Of Sibling Love And Political Satire
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The Boss Baby is Dreamworks Animation’s latest unexpected hit to sweep the nation. Aside from the childlike tone of the film, however, many have seen the alleged hidden messages in its premise.

So far, the film has grossed a worldwide total of $114 million and that number is still growing as we speak. It has already surpassed Beauty and the Beast and Ghost in the Shell at the box office, two films that have been expected to make big bucks from the get go.

If fact, the film was not expected to cross the $40 million mark when it was released. It turns out, moviegoers love the premise, even it does involve a baby acting out things that adults normally do.

The Baby Boss

The Baby Boss Tells About A Toddler CEO

In this case, the toddler is a CEO who apparently runs a major corporation. Although it is not happening in real life, the baby mixes the things CEOs do with baby antics we love.

This premise of a baby running a company caused many to see the film as political satire for the president. Upon closer look, you’ll also start to see the similarities.

For starters, the baby has almost non-existent blond hair and always sports a smug expression, kind of like Donald Trump. And just like a baby, Trump is also prone to tantrums that often become headline news.

According to the Guardian, The Boss Baby was not meant to poke fun at the most powerful man on the planet. However, whether or not on purpose, it certainly does a great job at it.

The film tells the story of a young boy as he deals with his newborn baby brother. Soon enough, we see the baby wearing suits with a sharp tongue that can cut like a hot knife through butter.

The resemblance with the commander-in-chief is uncanny. While Trump is not the agent of a plot against world happiness, a lot of people definitely think he is.

At least for now, while the popular majority of Americans wait for a satirical film to lambast Donald Trump’s presidency, the film is a great substitute. Additionally, he’s voiced by Alec Baldwin, who has been doing a great job at portraying Trump on Saturday Night Live, so there’s that.

But the film is not all bad pseudo-political satire. The film also has some good spots if you pay attention, that is.

The Film Tells About Sibling Rivalry

Techno Chops for one says that the film also highlights brotherly love. And given that it was a children’s movie, for the most part, this was probably what Dreamworks was aiming for when they made it: a film that shows brotherly love, no matter how much of a brat your brother is.

Baldwin himself, who voices the baby in the film, also felt a resemblance to his own experiences growing up with siblings. “Having been born the first of four boys and having four children of my own, I know a thing or two about what happens when a new baby arrives in a household and steals the spotlight from you.” says the 59-year old.

Whatever you glean or not from this computer-animated comedy film, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is one entertaining baby flick. Featuring the award-winning voices of Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Buscemi and Miles Bakshi, you wouldn’t be able to hold your laughter, which is probably why the film is a huge success. The Boss Baby is currently showing in cinemas.

The Boss Baby

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