‘Bourne 5’ Update: Villainous Vincent Cassel To Play Assassin Opposite Matt Damon

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘Bourne 5’ Update: Villainous Vincent Cassel To Play Assassin Opposite Matt Damon

Looks like, ‘the brotherhood of the wolf’ is coming for Jason Bourne this time. French actor Vincent Cassel has just been confirmed for upcoming fifth installment of the “Bourne” series. Read on to find out more.

“I love playing baddies,” Cassel once famously commented, who you might remember as the obnoxiously French thief “the Night Fox” from George Clooney’s “Ocean’s 11” series. Now he is going to be bringing his middle European malevolence to the Bourne series, having just been confirmed villain in the upcoming “Bourne 5” opposite Matt Damon. Though details are rare, Cassel is said to play an assassin character. To be fair, EVERY character in the Bourne franchise is an assassin character in some way. 

“Bourne 5” also brings fresh faces of Alicia Vikander (who reportedly left  “Assassin’s Creed” to join this project). While Tommy Lee Jones is to join the franchise, Julia Stiles is set to return. Paul Greengrass is returning to direct.

The Bourne series follows the exploits of Matt Damon’s ‘Jason Bourne’- a super-spy and human killing machine, who loses his memories and must rely on instinct and incredible crossfit abilities to escape those hunting him down. The character is based on novels by Robert Ludlum and later Eric Von Lustbader. Damon is returning to the series after 2012’s “Bourne Legacy” where Jeremy Renner starred. 

Cassel, who was most recently seen in “Child 44” will be joining the likes of Clive Owen, Karl Urban and Edgar Ramirez, who have also played villains in the series, Variety reported.

Production of “Bourne 5” is set to begin later this year as the film will hit the screens on July 29, 2016.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Vincent Cassel

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