Box Office Enjoys a Spring Surge

By admin | 6 years ago

The North American box office enjoyed a strong weekend as two films that debuted took the top two spots in receipts. Families flocked to theaters to see the newly released animated comedy The Croods that helped the movie end up in first place for the weekend.

Second place went to the action packed violent thriller Olympus Has Fallen. Critics did not expect the film to be so successful, however fans filled cinemas across the country. Oz the Great and Powerful ended up in third place after two weeks at the top spot. The top three movies at the box office all earned in excess of $20 million for the weekend.

The Croods earned more than $44.6 million for the three days, which was similar to other March releases of animated films such as Rio, which earned $39 million and Horton Hears Who that took in more than $45 million.

The movie should also enjoy a very solid next two weeks as the Easter holidays arrive and many schoolchildren are out of school making the weekdays and weekends even stronger.

Worldwide The Croods earned more than $108 million, with close to $63 million from international sales in 47 markets overseas.

Gerard Butler has a hit movie for the first time in three years with the release of Olympus. The thriller follows a presidential kidnapping and earned more than $30.5 million. North Korean kidnappers seize the White House in this explosive thriller. The results for the thriller were very positive in a year that thus far has not been successful for action thriller to date.

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