Box Office: Identity Thief Takes Top Spot

By admin | 6 years ago

Despite the terrible East Coast weather over the weekend, Identity Thief stole first place with a decisive win at the box office.

The comedy, which stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, received overwhelmingly negative critics’ reviews, but even those could not stop the movie fans enamored with the comedy of McCarthy and Bateman from turning out in droves at the box office.

The numbers made the Universal Pictures film one of 2013’s few hits thus far. Box office business was very brisk driven likely by the continued popularity of McCarthy and the movie trailers that worked in showcasing the movie’s broad humor.

The weekend was not a winner for what many have called the final theatrical movie for Steven Soderbergh, Side Effects. Critics were split over the movie and that could have possibly caused some potential moviegoers to stay away. The marketing campaign for the film might have confused some as it attempted to keep the entire film secretive, while encouraging people to hand over their money to see it.

Side Effects most likely will be the least popular dramatic film of Soderbergh’s career unless those who did go watch the movie help launch a campaign of word of mouth that increases the interest of other moviegoers.

Identity Thief took the top spot with over $36.5 million in sales, while Warm Bodies came in second with sales of $11.5 million. Side Effects was a disappointing third with just over $10 million, while Silver Linings Playbook earned fourth place with nearly $7 million. The top five was rounded out by Hansel and Gretel with over $5.7 million in sales.

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